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I'm new to this forum and new to PHP so forgive me if this is a silly question.


I was just going through the first chapter and came upon the print language construct. I did some looking around when it was said that echo was another option to achieve the same result and wanted to find out why one would use print over echo or vise versa. I came upon a number of articles that said that echo could be insignificantly faster than print because it doesn't return anything whereas print returns a 1.

Moving along a little bit I came to the point in chapter 1 where we have to escape some double quotations that are within the html code. I also found another source that has seemingly a much better way to do this. The book instructs us to type print "<a href=\"page.php\">link</a>";

why couldn't we just use echo '<a href="page.php">link</a>';


This is my source for the reason to use single quotes as opposed to double quotes on the outside: http://wolfprojects.altervista.org/articles/output-in-php/

Again, I am new to all of this and that is why I'm coming here to ask whether this is more appropriate than what is offered in the book.





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You can use either quote marks, I'm sure Larry goes on to use and explain either method (He does in the QuickPro Guide), in this case no way is more appropriate, it's down to preference and they both achieve the same thing. As for print vs echo there is little between them, echo is I believe ever so marginally faster. But print makes sense to newer programmers.

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