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Review Of Effortless E-Commerce With Php And Mysql

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Hi, Everyone here :) ! How are you all?


I would like to leave a review about the Effortless E-Commerce book. I have bought a few PHP Eccommerce books some which were written with OOP coding using the business tier model and mvc. But i have found Larry Ullman's to best the other books by far on the market. It comes with well explained clear examples of some of the most up to date PHP features which are no readily available. The book is also great for beginners to understand the Model View Controller design pattern framework as Larry starts it of in procedural code, which helps some of us less knowledgeable to get into the idea. Its funny i mention the book is good for beginners, actually i am a begginer but this book does states by Larry that its for Intermediate/Advanced for those that have a knowledge of PHP. So there you go, that's how good Larry is at explaining stuff, even someone like me with a small knowledge of PHP can get this book and work it out. Yes this book is good, i would recommend this to anyone getting into Ecommerces website's with php and mysql MVC model.


Thanks Larry for dedicating your time into something useful for helping others!

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