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Chapter 13 - My Project

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Hi Guys and Gals,


Not been posting much recently, my php/mysql learning was put on hold durning the Christmas Hols and I'm just going over a few things to refresh before I hit the PHP & MYSQL for dynamic websites book.


To refresh I went back over the last chapter (13) and thought I'd give it my own stamp if you like. Have a look and please rip it apart as it's just for learning purposes. Main reason for this was to gain a better feeling of how HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL all interact with each other, as well as gaining some practice with hosting a live dynamic website as I've mostly been testing locally.


As in the book the login credentials are:


Edit: 'm not sure if this is safe to publically give away the login credentials?


Like I said if there's anything I've missed or that can be improved upon (within the PHP for the web book scope) please, please say :)


The url is:






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Hey Rob,


Probably not a good idea to give away the credentials, but if you just say they're the same as in the book, that would be safe enough. My first thought is that I like the look of it. My second is that the heart doesn't do anything yet.

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Didn't think it would be wise to give away credentials. It was just a bit of fun really Larry, didn't want people to expect anything mindblowing, I just wanted to go through Chapter 13 with a different look to the user interface. I will probably use this base to add in a user registration, keep different users' details stored in the database and create a new quotes field within the database so that I could seperate different kinds of quotes, e.g. films, sports etc. That I'm sure I will learn in the second of your books hopefully.

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