Contact Larry Ullman

You can contact me directly using the email address suggested below. Please note that if you are a reader contacting me regarding one of my books, you’ll get a much faster response using the book’s supporting forum. You can also find each book’s website through the books page (please pay attention to the full title and edition, so that you use the correct link). I do reply to all reader emails, normally within 7-10 business days, assuming that I am not traveling or otherwise swamped. Also note that I cannot give you a good, satisfactory answer unless you provide all of the relevant details. This includes:

  • what book you are using (name and edition)
  • to what script(s) you are referring (name and number, if applicable)
  • your operating system, development tools, etc.
  • the versions of the relevant software
  • a thorough description of the problem, including any error messages, in their entirety
  • etc. etc.

For more tips on how to most efficiently get help, see the guidelines for the book forums.

All that being said, you can email me at

<my first name>@<this domain name>