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  1. I don't know the answer to this one off the top of my head. You might be able to use imagmagick or gimp? I really don't know whether this would qualify as OCR or not? I imagine you'll need to find some software that runs on the server that can do the work, then upload the image via PHP and call the software via PHP through an exec() command. None of this would be easy or obvious.

    If you already have a JS library that works for the reading of the image, can't you just have JS do the math, too?

  2. This is very good detective work and thanks for being so thorough. I'd start by ruling out cases 3 & 4, though. The links are going to come through with HTML entity versions, so %26. You'll never have & in the URL, so there's no need to test and handle that. I'm also not inclined to go to zero-width positive lookahead assertions; that'd probably just complicate things. 

    I just did an online regex tester for case 2 and it matched the percent okay: https://regex101.com/r/AWJdX3/1/

    Are you restarting Apache after making changes to the configuration?

  3. Okay, so this kind of thing is a bit tricky. Since you have multiple inputs that are all arrays of related records, I'd start by changing your naming scheme to make them all more overtly related. For example, you'd want exams[X][subject] and exams[X][grade]. If i'm following you on this. I'm not sure I am 100%. But the key is to make the association of the data overt like that. Let me know if it's still unclear.

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