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  1. Has anyone had any experience working with Firefox plugin Tamper Data? I tried it out today and you get edit the $_POST array data before it is sent to the server. Most of the main website's had $_POST values that if edit would cause a problem already encrypted. I was only able to edit the values that could be manually submitted in the forum and some setting values. I was recommended to use Tamper Data to help check on the security of data transmitted to the website.
  2. Thanks margaux, i did the search on the tag jsdd but didn't find that, so i didn't think there was one for this book it being new.
  3. Use the following PHP function in the link to calculate the number of days for a given date. http://php.net/manua...ys-in-month.php If you have other related problem alike this, its worth checking through the PHP's function's on www.php.net, PHP has function's which answer most of our questions. But if you are using a form of SQL, MySQL for example, SQL has its own list of functions, so you can do your calculations before PHP even receives the data from the SQL query.
  4. Are the arrows on the Figure 1.7 correct at 1 and 4, or should they both be pointing in the opposite directions? This may be a petty point but plausible but in the book name your slogan was Develop and Design, but how can one develop if he has not a design? I also enjoyed some of the humor in your statements about IE in which you said you were being polite despite that fact you still couldn't resist the temptation to come back and once again give IE a bashing for a second round. It was funny and ironic to read but indeed 100% true.
  5. Edward


    Well there are custom rank badges that are free on IPB that can be in, but what we already have i would agree is enough. Quality will always win over quantity, i thought we got points when we answered a question correctly or some informative info, i didn't know it was post related and don't like that fact if it is so.
  6. I haven't coded that kind of stuff for about a month now, it took me about 30 minutes to do that, i tripped up on a few things, my original script was like this: <?php if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') { if (isset($_POST['distance'], $_POST['courier'], $_POST['parcel'], $_POST['delivery_notes']) && is_numeric($_POST['distance']) && (isset($_POST['commercial']) || isset($_POST['gift']) || isset($_POST['education']) || isset($_POST['business']))) { echo '<h2>Form Complete</h2>'; echo "<p>Thank You for Picking " . $_POST['courier'] . "</p>"; if(isset($_POST['education'])) echo "<p>Your parcel will be sent for Education </p>"; echo "<p>We " . $_POST['parcel'] . " about your parcel</p>"; echo "<p>Your delivery notes are " . $_POST['delivery_notes'] . "</p>"; } } ?> <form action="shipping.php" method="post"> <h1>Please fill out the delivery form</h1> <p>Estimated distance in miles: <input type="text" name="distance" value="<?php if (isset($_POST['distance'])) echo $_POST['distance']; ?>" /></p> <p>Select a shipping company: <input type="radio" name="courier" value="Standard Mail" <?php if (isset($_POST['courier']) && ($_POST['courier'] == 'Standard Mail')) echo 'checked="checked" '; ?> /> Standard Mail <input type="radio" name="courier" value="EMS" <?php if (isset($_POST['courier']) && ($_POST['courier'] == 'EMS')) echo 'checked="checked" '; ?>/> EMS <input type="radio" name="courier" value="DHL" <?php if (isset($_POST['courier']) && ($_POST['courier'] == 'DHL')) echo 'checked="checked" '; ?>/> DHL </p> <p>What type of parcel is it? <input type="checkbox" name="commercial" value="commercial" <?php if (isset($_POST['commercial'])) echo 'checked="checked"'; ?> />Commercial <input type="checkbox" name="gift" value="gift" <?php if (isset($_POST['gift'])) echo 'checked="checked"'; ?>/>Gift <input type="checkbox" name="education" value="education" <?php if (isset($_POST['education'])) echo 'checked="checked"'; ?>/>Education <input type="checkbox" name="business" value="business" <?php if (isset($_POST['business'])) echo 'checked="checked"'; ?>/>Business </p> <p>Parcel Care: <select name="parcel"> <option value="noworry" <?php if (isset($_POST['parcel']) && ($_POST['parcel'] == 'noworry')) echo ' selected="selected"'; ?>>Don't worry about my parcel</option> <option value="becareful" <?php if (isset($_POST['parcel']) && ($_POST['parcel'] == 'becareful')) echo ' selected="selected"'; ?>>Be careful with my parcel</option> </select></p> <p>Delivery Notes: <textarea name="delivery_notes" rows="3" cols="40"><?php if (isset($_POST['delivery_notes'])) echo $_POST['delivery_notes']; ?></textarea> </p> <p> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Check Delivery Details" /> </p> </form> I didn't cover all options to be printed out but i could of made a case statement or so if I wanted to, i was just practicing with some of the stuff we done, that's all.
  7. Edward


    Okay, i figured it may be something like that, well no bother we will keep on with our regular role.
  8. I've just written the code for a month's stick select menu: <h1>Month's Select Form</h1> <form action="selectmenu.php" method="post"> <p>Select Menu: <select name="month"> <?php $month = array(1 =>'January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December'); foreach($month as $key =>$value) { echo "<option value=\"$value\""; if (isset($_POST['month']) && ($_POST['month'] == $value)) { echo ' selected="selected"'; } echo ">$value</option>"; } ?> </select></p> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Check if date is sticky??" /> </form>
  9. Sshhh, don't tell anyone. Just Kidding, thanks for pointing that out, i have myself confused with another function, definitely won't make that mistake again.
  10. I have some code i made up for this review and pursue, This was in the HTML <form> tag to make a sticky drop down menu, it was regarding a parcel and how it should be taken care of, the options you could select were "Don't worry about my parcel" or "Be careful with my parcel". I know its a bit lame but it worked out for me. <p>Parcel Care: <select name="parcel"> <option value="noworry" <?php if (isset($_POST['parcel']) && ($_POST['parcel'] == 'noworry')) echo ' selected="selected"'; ?>>Don't worry about my parcel</option> <option value="becareful" <?php if (isset($_POST['parcel']) && ($_POST['parcel'] == 'becareful')) echo ' selected="selected"'; ?>>Be careful with my parcel</option> </select></p>
  11. Edward


    It's no bother, that's why i thought a group would be cool, say like we could have some kind of entry level, if you have 100 points, you can get into the Descendants of Larry Ullman group, it would just give us something to work for and be proud of. We hope if we answer your questions here that you will have more time to write your books, especially the one's we are waiting for.
  12. Edward


    There was a huge list of addon's here, http://community.invisionpower.com/files/category/127-ipboard/ still looking for a group one, are you sure there is no feature switched off in the admin end of the forum? Here is ip's board, they have a few extra feature's http://community.invisionpower.com/
  13. Well if you have a specialized web skills and have a nice web site portfolio, i think USA provides one of the biggest markets in the world for website design, USA have 50+ States. You see what people are charging now 100dollars plus per hour. Cut there price and offer the same work, you can work it out for yourself.
  14. The includes directory on a server has folder permissions set to that only someone with server access can access that folder and cannot be read by the public, so long as your server is secure would not matter. Best to get on your own dedicated server, being on a shared server with many 50 other websites on you share the same risk with them. So possibly if someone was to hack one web site on the server with less security than your own, they could also get access to your web site, its quite common.
  15. The index.php page would have HTML integrated into it, some of which would be generated dynamically hence the reason to be using PHP so the Apache engine or whatever you use would sent the HTML code to the browser to be displaced. This would not effect SEO as all the HTML tags would be there.
  16. Well i think that 64 is only a bit older than middle aged, there was a guy last week 97 that just got another degree, but he quoted that it might be his last. The best way to keep yourself young is just to keep learning, and that way keeping the brain active. There was also study on TV about how Table Tennis was a safe sport for older people and help to keep them mentally focused.
  17. Edward


    Okay, i will check that out and if so consult with some of the others about the idea. It's because this forum is like a second home for me, and I'm sure some others must feel this way also.
  18. Edward


    Is there a way to create personalized groups on this forum? I wanted to create a group named "Descendants of Larry Ullman", for loyal regular members.
  19. If the php code is showing it means your server is not running, therefore you need to get the Apache server up and running, otherwise the php code cannot be processed and you will just see the actual code rather than the interpreted code the engine will produce. What server are you running, XAMPP, MAMP or LAMP? You should be able to load up the server control panel in their there are check boxes for switching Apache and MySQL on and off, switch them both on.
  20. This problem can be solved by omitting the closing php tags at the bottom of scripts. Possibly i could be wrong but since i started i will add the other info i found: Omit the closing PHP tag (?>) in files that contain only PHP code. The closing PHP tab is optional, provided nothing else (e.g., HTML) comes after the PHP code. Leaving out the closing tag has the advantage of preventing unwanted whitespace triggering the "headers already sent" error when using includes.
  21. I figure it is better to get it working locally before you go live. Did you setup the database connection setting in MySQL, did you get it working?
  22. I think its a problem with the MySQL connection and the @mysqli_query($dbc, $q) and $r is being returned a NULL value which would result in the error with mysqli_num_rows.
  23. "Change add_quote.php so that it takes the quotation and the attribution as separate inputs and writes them separately to the text file." I will be honest with you, I've just taken a look myself but i have no idea what the attribution part of data is you are meant to take, i only see the quote in the text area??
  24. I'm sorry i jumped to the conclusion that you had read the whole book, i see what you are saying here. If i am understanding what you are saying correctly, then you will probably need javascript combined with some ajax requests to keep this all cleanly flowing on the same page. Javascript and Ajax are things that even i am learning myself right now, so i don't have much more to say. Larry will be on soon,
  25. In Larry Ullman's Effortless E-commerce book there is examples of file-permissions and more in depth security talk. Larry's web site coffee shop in the 2nd part of the book would be great to work through for the experience. But generally speaking you will not find any better books on the market for learning web development than Larry's. So it would be wise to purchase some of them now, or spend more time learning the hard way. You will find them all on Amazon.com
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