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  1. I was reading in the "Effortless Eccomerce with PHP and MySQL" page 11. Cloud Computing "But there are extra security concerns with cloud computing, and you'd need to be prepared to pay the price. For exampe, if your site gets hit with a Denial of Service (DOS) attack you'll have to foot the bill for the extra cloud computing, but the attack itself will have generated no extra revenue." Well Larry, i have some good news and a possible update for your next edition. I just spoke with rackspace.com about the Denial of Service (DOS) Attack and they told me you only pay for OUTBOUND Bandwidth. After reading that in your book, you had me worried so it was something i had to ask them.
  2. I wanted to add something to this, if you view Ebay's source code you will see its a mess, in the they are not using the \n. I guess that advantage is that it would be hard for an outsider to see what was going on with their code. Dreamweaver has a cool function where you can take the source code from ebay and then clean it up. If you click on Commands -> Apply Source Formatting to the source code, Dreamweaver will tidy up the html for you which can be quite useful.
  3. You are not the good soul as I thought you out to be. You act like Larry's teachers pet and have bashed me from my first few threads when you don't even know me. You get ego with people that try to do as yourself as you have with me now. I thought we may have something in common as you were using yii and working through some of the same books, but I was obviously wrong.
  4. I'll just stick with the advanced php you have then, we will have to accept that at some point you can no longer help us anymore and we take care of things ourselves.
  5. I have seven books on javascript if you want to know, so i am well aware of what it is. And for sure i know you have to know how to use javascript before you use jquery. I have used that validate.js plugin before, and for sure as i don't want to be remaking that code when its there already. You have a javascript book already, so the next one in the line would be jquery for using the skills we have learned in useful plugins which will help. I like reading your books so it would of been great if there was one of those available rather than having to read the O'Reilly JQuery Cookbook which i already have. I have a lot of stuff to learn for major website, its going to take everything possible that php, mysql, javascript, css, html, opp, yii and the design patterns can do. Ive done books on php already but I'm pulling myself back a bit to go through your books carefully so i don't miss anything. Jquery would be a useful one for you thats all im saying for people that have to learn the majority of the stuff. Like you say more people go into Jquery first without learning javascript, so there you go, sounds like a good seller.
  6. Why don't you concentrate on your own work rather than judging someone on what they can't/shouldn't do etc, when you don't even know anything about them.
  7. Yes this is not affected even when i have my localhost server running, even if i remove the \n, so i do want to know what the purpose of using them is, when it makes no difference when they are removed from the code, what is the benefit of having them?
  8. Ha, i know what the problem was when i use the MacBook the Mamp server was starting up automatically when i turned it on. But i switched over to Windows 7 and forgot to start up the server, now its working. Sorry about that.
  9. \n linefeed (LF or 0x0A (10) in ASCII) What does this mean? I found it on php.net. Is this a newline or a linefeed and what is the difference what does it do?
  10. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/> <title>Strings</title> </head> <body> <?php # Script 1.6 - strings.php // Create the variables: $first_name = 'Haruki'; $last_name = 'Murakami'; $book = 'Kafka on the Shore'; // Print the values: echo "<p>The book <em>$book</em> was written by $first_name $last_name.</p>"; ?> </body> </html> When i run this script in my browser it is producing this result: The book $book was written by $first_name $last_name." ; ?> I don't understand why the "; ?>" is being displayed when the double quotes already closed the echo statement?
  11. It's awesome you guys were humble enough to come out and show what you had done. Nice work!
  12. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/> <title>Predefined Variables</title> </head> <body> <?php # Script 1.5 - predefined.php // Create a shorthand version of the variable names: $file = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']; $user = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; $server = $_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE']; // Print the name of this script: echo "<p>You are running the file:<br /><b>$file</b>.</p>\n"; // Print the user's information: echo "<p>You are viewing this page using:<br /><b>$user</b></p>\n"; // Print the server's information: echo "<p>This server is running:<br /><b>$server</b>.</p>\n"; ?> </body> </html> I don't understand why you need to have the \n line breaks at the end of the echo statements because when removing them it doesn't make any difference. You are already using a paragraph html p tag so there would already be margin spacing above and below? Or is this done in the sense that you reset your html paragraphs to have zero spacing top and bottom with a css reset, then you need the line break?
  13. Hey Larry! It seems that your books seem to be the best to build overall confidence. I know you have a yii book coming out which i will purchase and do, i will also get the javascript one later. I did work through about halfway on another learning javascript book, yours seems to have more detail and explanation and seems to be longer but covers the same stuff. But if you can i would love if you could do a book on query, that would be highly useful to me if not others. Just a jquery book covering how to do the basic techniques we require to build our dynamic websites so something like a cook book? Javascript is okay and its good to know how it works, but we don't want to be reinventing the wheel when we can just use the jquery library. I have some other questions for you. 1. When will the new advanced php book be coming out, ive got the old one but would prefer to do that one, will it be ready within next two months? 2. If we work through the php and mysql for dynamic websites 4 edition, is there enough mysql in that to move forward or do we need to read the mysql book also? PS Don't worry about me, Larry! I am working through your books in order right now, one book at a time. I stopped david powers and will proceed with that when i finish your books as i know i will learn again oop in your books. I wanted to save the david powers more advanced stuff for later on before hitting hardcore into the yii books again.
  14. I just started this book today, i am on a marathon now to get through it, then i will continue onto the advanced php book! I have finished another php dynamic websites book by Paul Nixon, but only in reading the first pages of this book I'm learning lots of extra points. I paused on the david powers book finished the first section of the book but want to come back to it later on.
  15. You are doing the right thing here by putting the /html/ in front links, images and css references. It was what Larry was instructing you to do in the post. This is coffee shop right, which php page is this stuff running of, then i can see why you need that /html/ folder before things?
  16. This is not going as smooth as i hoped it would, i can see that running a Window Server 2008 R2 Enterprise is going to take a lot more knowledge to run than i have a present. We need to configure a windows firewall which has a list of stuff to deal with and not only that all ftp stuff needs to be configured, i can see there are just so many gaps that if are not sealed well is going to result on easy hacking. So it looks like really i have no alternative but to get a book and read it through on the windows server 2008 otherwise i will not be safe. I'll tell you what though i used RDP today, Remote Desktop Connection, that was awesome, its the most amazing thing I've seen windows do in years, really really cool to have that working and being able to control your server from your local computer. Rackspace have live support, but it doesn't seem like everyone is all that clued up when you contact them, either that or they are busy. It looks like you are more less expected to have your own prior knowledge otherwise i think you need to get a book to read.
  17. May be because you have your server root set to localhost:8888/ and not localhost:8888/html/
  18. Good Day Larry! I am reading through all the getting started documents, with the rackspacecloud you don't pay anything at the start. You are charged every 30 days and you are only charged for what you use. I have got 2048MB RAM and 80GB diskspace to start of with. If i wish to add to that amount i can do it anytime i want as far as i am aware, so this must be what they are referring to by the cloud. The only time i heard about cloud was from Steve Jobs, when he said that nobody would need to have hard drives anymore on their computer and everything would just download from remote cloud computers and you wouldn't need to worry about backing up anymore. I don't know if you know the company called project6.com in San Fransisco they recommended Rackspace hosting to me. I don't think i will have time today to finish of the installation stuff but next step is Creating an FTP Site in IIS 7.0 http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/index.php/Creating_an_FTP_Site I will keep you and everyone else here updated on how i go with this cloud stuff.
  19. In most of the examples Ive worked through we never used public properties it was either private or protected. The David powers is okay but I do like Matt Zandstra as well. Matt may use every word in the English dictionary and make the stuff harder to understand than David but what I like with Matt is he shows you what happens when you don't use oop against actually using it. I am reading both books along side each other at present.
  20. Today I just got setup with Rackspace Cloud Server Hosting, I am scared by the whole thing due to my lack of knowledge. Because I have a cloud server there is absolutely nothing installed there already or neither do I have any FTP details, it's all got to be taken care by me manually. The reason I got the hosting was because Ive just started to work through Larry's Php and Mysql for Dynamic Websites and wanted to get used to dealing with things live to build more confidence. I am not sure if I have done the right thing here and maybe I should of just had a simple hosting. I am using Windows Server 2008 Rs 64bit.
  21. I'm sorry! I promise not to do anything like that again.
  22. I guess this was a dumb post to make . I thought Larry resembled Jason Statham but in the good way of course. http://images.search...&start=0&pos=11 I apologize Larry if this post is any way offensive to you.
  23. What happened with the under scores for your private or protected properties, if you are recommeding David Powers. He likes to follow the Zend way of writing his code. Yes and in oop coding you would defeat the whole purpose of encapsulation if you were using global variables, Old David says if you don't know what scope to declare a property use protected.
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