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  1. On page 172, number 9, I had to change 'payment_status', 'receiver_email' and 'mc_gross' from === to == because the IPN would not work.


            // Check for the right values:
            if ( isset($_POST['payment_status'])
             && ($_POST['payment_status'] == 'Completed')
             && ($_POST['receiver_email'] == 'treasurer@nmsc.org')
             && ($_POST['mc_gross'] == 40.00)
             && ($_POST['mc_currency']  === 'USD')
             && (!empty($_POST['txn_id']))


    Because ipn.php is not a page you can test normally (like, with echo statements), how I troubleshooted this, was I created a text file on the server called 'ipn_troubleshooter.txt" and where I would normally put echo statements to find out where the code is broken, I instead made fwrite calls to the text file. If the file didn;t get updated, I knew the code was broken at the point I called the fwrite. In this case it was "&& ($_POST['payment_status'] === 'Completed')" that was broken, so I changed it to == and it worked, then I made may way through the others, fixing only the ones that were broken.

  2. The second is on page 173 (Chapter Creating the IPN script)
    The query states: $q = "INSERT INTO orders (user_id, transaction_id, payment_status, payment_amount) VALUES ($uid, '$txn_id', '$status', $amount)";


    However I believe user_id should be users_id


    This error has not been added to the ERRATA page for this book. I looked for it there first, then decided to check the forums and found it here.

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