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  1. Larry, I have a follow up question. As one forum comment puts it "To be worth the overhead, each prepared statement must be executed more than once (such as in a loop). If a query is executed only once, more overhead goes into preparation of the prepared statement... I would use a prepared statement, but only if I had to repeatedly make the same query multiple times in the same session."


    Is this true? Should I just use regular db calls (inline SQL) unless the statement will be called multiple times (in a loop)?


    Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Larry,


    I am loving the book, as I work towards converting lots of Classic ASP to PHP 7.


    I have in the past created hundreds of Stored Procedures in MSSQL. One thing that has bugged me in the past was that I found it hard to search for variables, etc., in the Stored Procedures when I changed something.


    In addition to liking the fact that they will be in my (easily searchable) code, I like the security and performance perks of using Prepared Statements as I translate these Stored Procedures... but I am wondering:


    Would Stored Procedures or Stored Functions be faster than Prepared Statements?


    Again, thank you for making such an excellent book - it's really helping me get up to the next level in my coding abilities.




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