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For the spam scrubber function, I noticed that when I sticky the posted value from the comments text area back into the comments text area, all the newlines are removed.


I tried using the nl2br and str_replace functions to change the newlines to <br> elements, but to no avail.


Has anyone else encountered this issue and have a workable solution?


Thank you.


(By the way, I'm running PHP 5.2.x and MySQL on an Apache server.)

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All right, I pulled a total newb move there. I totally missed something obvious.


When I wrote the spam scrubber function last night, I wasn't thinking about what I was writing, and sure enough (as Larry explicitly says in the book), using the str_replace function to scrub your emails will mess up the formatting. Duh!


Well, at least I solved it; just took out the str_replace function call at the end of the spam scrubber function.


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i have used the spam_scrubber function on a form in which I have included a drop down list and radio buttons.


When I use the spam_scrubber function to validate the other text areas, that it works fine, however once I select something I get a the following warnning message:


Warning: stripos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in file name on line 18.


line 18 is :

f(stripos($value, $v)!==false)


However I think the error is generated from the line


$scrubbed=array_map('spam_scrubber', $_POST);


i.e. the $value has to be a string for the function to work and since my select box returns an array, there is a problem, hence the error message.


Is there a way around this,other than using a @ in front of the line above?




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