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Chapter 11: Cookies & Sessions Script 11.3 - Login.Php - Line 18

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Script is awesome, working great.


I am just trying to understand this function the list() function used in conjunction with the custom

check_login() function (this function is created in includes/login_functions.inc.php)


The() list function in this script takes on two parameters or returned values. Does this mean that the check_login function needs to return exactly 2 values?


What if there are 3 values returned by the check_login function, would that mean the list_function() would need a third parameter?


If check_login returned 3 values, then would it be like so:


list($check, $data, $more_data)




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The last avatar i had up was Alone in the Dark 2 but i took it down because i thought it was a little too violent for this forum, Carnby holding the guns etc. The avatar i have up now is from Alone in the Dark 1 in the ballroom. Yes i really like Alone in the Dark 1 - 3, especially the 2nd, its just a plain and simple game, nothing so fast and complicated as they are today. A good website to register for old games is http://www.gog.com/, i got a few good oldies off there.

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