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I am using what I have learned from the Intro to Databases chapter of the book to create a table that will hold user credentials:

id, firstname, lastname, username, email, hash, timestamp

are the columns.

For the registration page, I want the user to submit the data firstname, lastname, username, email, and the password which will become hash. (hash being the md5($_POST['password']) string).

More to the point, I want a mechanism to check whether or not the user's desired username is already taken or not.

I initally went to page 361 (Retrieving Data from a Database). I found this code, thinking I could use it as a solution:

SELECT * FROM users WHERE name='Larry'

I figure that I can alter it to read:

SELECT * FROM credentials WHERE username="{$_POST['username']}"

(credentials being the table containing the relevant data).

That code would of course be stored in a $query variable.

Would I have to place the code in a loop? I do not think I would have to, since there could only be one username in the table that could match the desired username.

How would I go about checking whether the query (or loop) returned results or not?

Are there any things I can do to make my current system better?

Thank you in advance,


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You could check that the number of rows returned is equal to 1. Using a limit clause would make the query stop after 1 row was found so saving time searching through the whole table once a match was found.

$q ="SELECT * FROM credentials WHERE username={$_POST['username']} LIMIT 1";
$r = mysqli_query($dbc, $q);
if (mysqli_num_rows($r) == 1) {
echo '<p class="error">Username already exists, please choose another.</p>';

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Thank you for the tip, margaux.

Here is what I came up with before coming back to check the thread:

if ( empty($_POST['username']) )
	$problem = TRUE;
	print '<p>Please enter a username.</p>';
	$query = "SELECT * FROM credentials WHERE username='{$_POST['username']}'";
	$result = mysql_query($query, $dbc);
	if ( !empty($result) )
		$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
		$problem = TRUE;
		print '<p>Sorry, but the username ' . $_POST['username'] . ' is already in use.</p>';
	  // Username is free!

This bit is in between the other checks that I go through (firstname, lastname, etc.) before creating the registration query

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