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Do You Think Search Engines Give Priority To Websites Encrypted With Https?

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Hello to the members of this community. I am a web design consultant by profession and I have joined this community to seek help with a critical issue I am thinking over these days. As we all know, website security is so mainstream these days and a wide majority of e-commerce shops and portals are transferring their sites from HTTP encryption to HTTPS. Although I am quite familiar with the technical aspects of this transition that leads towards more secure web experiences especially when there is a payment gateway integrated on your site, it must comply with latest protocols of internet security. However, my question here is a bit different from these facts. I am willing to ask if this implementation of securing websites is going to affect the site standings in the eyes of search engine bots anyway? I am sure we all are familiar with this behavior of search engine that is getting smarter every second. So, let's say I am working with a web design company which is purely working on web design and development projects for their clients, Do you think adding this more-secure encryption will help gain more prominence in the eyes of search crawlers? I am positive that I have made my point clear. Your valuable comments will be appreciated in this regard.

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