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One method for passing attractive variables between scripts is to append them to an URL like so:

<a href="edit.php?x=1">edit</a>

The issue being that "x=1", while provocatively visible in the URL, is easily coerced to become "x=99",

or some other arbitrary value of dark intent and high suspicion.


Is it merely that I have yet to find the session-based solution for this in the book?


Obvious session assignments, i.e., registering a user name as a session variable, are straightforward.


But the example listed above seems to present a different sort of challenge.


 ~ David

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There is a chapter in the book which details how to use cookies and sessions, though maybe not with that specific example. Once you know how to use them, you would be able to adapt them easily for your requirements.


Another option would be to use a hidden field to pass the variable.


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...or some other arbitrary value of dark intent and high suspicion.

Haha! That's good!


I think the key to your solution is not in changing the URL, but properly sanitizing the URL.

For example, let's say that the x value corresponds to the user ID. In that case, if you store the user's ID in a session, then you can easily compare the two with an if statement, and only if that user should be viewing the page, allow them to do so. Otherwise, redirect them.


The following if statement could suffice:


if ($_SESSION['user_id'] == $_GET['x']) {
  // The user is authorized to view the page.
  // Use PHP or whatever to generate the viewable content.
} else {
  // The user shouldn't be viewing this page. Redirect them.


That work for ya?

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