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Help me please!


I am trying to execute the "ex1" application on my local server but I only got a blank page.


My settings are as follow (I am working in Windows environment):


My Root directory: "C:\wamp\www\ecom1\"



Configuration file setting:


define('BASE_URI', 'c:\wamp\www\ecom1');

define('BASE_URL', 'localhost/ecom1');

define('PDFS, 'BASE_URI . 'includes/pdfs/');

define('MYSQL', 'BASE_URI . mysql,inc.php;);


when I type the address http://localhost/ecom1/, I obtain a blank page.  Can somebody tell me where I made a mistake?


I would appreciate your help a lot.


Thank you!






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I don't know the exact cause of your symptom but I see that you have back-slashes in the URI definition and a forward slash in the URL definition.


Also, you have a comma in the MYSQL definition between MySQL and inc - that should be a period.


Hope it helps.

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I don't think the slashes are causing problems, but the comma eventually would. The first thing you need to do is turn on display_errors so you can see why you're getting a blank page.


Also, Ken, two things. First, please don't start a new thread when you have an existing thread on the same subject already going. Second, this book does assume complete comfort with PHP and MySQL. If you don't already have that, you might be overwhelmed when you get into the second example project.

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