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Javascript, Form Input, Adding Data To Mysqli

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Hi Larry. I have read and performed the exercises for 3 of your books.  Subject on all is PHP.  -I have learned a lot thank you- In all -that I can remember-javascript is not used for form inputs-adding data to a MySql table-The closest I found/can remember is in PHP and MySql for Dynamic Web Sites-chp 15 - a login form that uses jQuery.  Have you written any books that use javascript/jQuery form input , ajax for adding data to a MySql table and validating  the data ?

When we create a site ie Message board in PHP and MySql For Dynamic Websites , or the 2 sites in Effortless ecommerce...Can we actually use the finished products live or are there copyright issues?


Thank you

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Sorry I missed that! There's actually a README file that's included with the download-able code in which I talk about this:


Finally, readers occasionally wonder about the legalities of using these scripts in active sites. The only real restriction is that, in accordance with copyright law, you cannot copy or redistribute any of the code in the book (and, therefore, any of the code in this set of downloaded files). I am not a lawyer, but I interpret this to mean you cannot literally photocopy or scan the book's pages. You also cannot make the code available to others in paper or digital form (i.e., as a downloadable or copy-able item on a server). 

Beyond that restriction, I feel that you're pretty much allowed to do whatever you want. Can you actively use the code on your site? By all means. Can you use it in projects you've been hired to do? Sure. The fact of the matter is that I don't think anyone could take the code out of the book verbatim and use it on a fully-functional, live site (which is to say, I expect you'll have to do some work to adapt these scripts to your needs). If you want to give me some kind of credit, that's great. Just point people to the book or the book's corresponding website.


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