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E-Mail Issues Related To Php Mail Form

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I have a client complaining that the php mail form I made is not working. He is not able to retrieve any mail from his web page.


As a check, I substituted his email address with two of my own. They each worked as they should though he claims they still aren't reaching him.


As I see it, the mail is definitely being sent from the web form page. If they are not getting to him, the only thing I can think of is Outlook is filtering them. Is mail sent from using php "mail" different enough from other mail to cause it to look like spam? Or something nefarious?


thanks, for helping



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I had a similar complaint from a client recently. He was not receiving registration confirmation emails when his students registered for training. I used my several different email addresses in place of his and all worked fine. What I found was this: he had an AOL email account, AOL blacklisted the IP address from his shared hosting account at HostGator. I found this out by digging into the log file in his HostGator CPanel.


Apparently, some knucklehead was sending oodles of spam mail from his shared host server, so... AOL blacklisted the IP, which probably affected a lot of website's email functionality.


He created a gmail email account and all is well.


That's all I got...

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