Take Control of Scrivener 2

July 2, 2011

I’m a pretty big fan of Scrivener, a writing application for Macs (there is a Windows version currently in beta). For about six months now I’ve been using Scrivener to write my newsletter, and a JavaScript book I’ve been working on for some time will be the first book I’ve written using it. There’s something about Scrivener that just works for me, first and foremost, that I’m able to keep everything about a project—the writing, references, notes, etc.—in one place. As with any good piece of software, though, I’ve got a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I’m not using Scrivener to its fullest potential. And by that I mean I’m absolutely convinced that I could be using Scrivener better.

For this reason, I was quite happy to see the release of the book “Take Control of Scrivener 2“. I haven’t read it yet (ironically, I’m waiting to complete the book I’m currently working on first), but it’s high on my “to-read” list. Just scanning the 22-page sample that’s available, this looks like a good, fast resource. And at $10 (US) for the book, it’s a steal.