Version 0.9 of “The Yii Book” Shipped!

July 26, 2014
The Yii Book If you like my writing on the Yii framework, you'll love "The Yii Book"!

After way too long, I’ve finally posted version 0.9 of “The Yii Book“. This includes two of the hardest chapters to write: Chapter 20, “Working with Third-Party Libraries,” and Chapter 21, “Testing Your Application”. (See the current table of contents.)

This update adds about 12% more content, bringing the book up to 575 pages. (As an aside, my original target for the book was 120,000 words; it’s now at 150,000, and will end at around 180,000. So, essentially 50% longer than I expected it to be!)

This leaves three chapters left: two example chapters (CMS and e-commerce) and a “Shipping Your Projects” chapter. From a writing standpoint, these are all relatively easy. So my hope is to complete all three chapters and publish a complete v. 1 of “The Yii Book” quickly. (I won’t share an estimated timeline because…history would suggest that doesn’t go well for me, but I am hopeful here.)

After I finish the Yii 1 edition of the book, I’ll start writing an update for version 2 of the framework. It should hopefully go relatively quickly. Rewrites are always much faster than the first edition. I don’t want to make any promises (as I’m not good at estimating times), but I will do the update for Yii 2 ASAP and you won’t have to wait too long. It will be a free update to everyone that has purchased the book.

Also, I gave a presentation on Yii 2 in May. You can see the slides here.

So that’s that. I hope you’re doing well and are eagerly anticipating Yii 2 as much as I am. As always, thanks for your interest in the book, your patience, your feedback, and the rest!