"Building a Web Site with Ajax: Visual QuickProject" Reviews and Comments

You can find formal reviews of this book at Amazon.com, by searching online. or through any other site that sells my books. Here are a couple of recent comments I personally received from other readers regarding this specific book:

First of all I wanna congratulate you for the PHP and AJAX series
books that you wrote. I consider you to be the best technical writer
out there.

I am an intermediate web developer based in Toronto, ON and I’ve
discovered your books 1 year ago, not being too keen about Peachpit
two columns layout format. But once I discovered your writing style… I just get them all (again PHP and AJAX books only).

For instance, I just finished your AJAX book and everything it’s so
clear now. You make me get the logic behind the ajax in this simple
book. I was struggling before with other two ajax books (with great
amazon reviews), which tend to be too complex, going in too many
details, helping me get lost and forgot at the end where I’ve
Nick (Canada)

I would like to congratulate you on your book, “Building a Web Site with Ajax”. I have played around with Ajax for a while and while I could get things to work from other sources. Your book really brought home to me what it is all about and how it works.

I really like the style you have or introducing the ideas, then doing the examples with only the important details and then at the end of the chapter, introducing the complex bits and the exceptions. In other texts these complex bits and exceptions tend to cloud the issues, for me anyway.

This is the first book of yours I have used and will be looking for others from now on.

Bob B. (Bathurst, Australia)

I just finished my first pass through your book, BUILDING A WEB SITE WITH AJAX. I found the book very useful and a lot of fun, mainly because it was a useful way for me to learn how to tie together other technologies I’ve used.

Guy M.