“Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL” Reviews and Comments

You can find formal reviews of this book at Amazon.com, by searching online. or through any other site that sells my books. But here are some comments I’ve directly received regarding this book:

Your Effortless E-commerce book is super — read it twice.
Richard G.

I have been perusing your book “effortess e-commerce” day and night for the past month, it is the first of your books i’ve ever bought and i must say your writing is so comprehensive. I don’t have to read a line twice to understand. I’m sure it would have been less of a bore if i studied php and MySQL from one of your books.
Gustav N.

…fantastic book (effortless e-commerce)….one of the best books I have read. I am in the education field and not the computer/programming field and your approach made complex ideas much more understandable…thanks so much!

Your books are really great. Effortless E-commerce is particularly good.
Rick G.

Just got through reading your eCommerce book and loved it!
Philip M.

Amazing book by the way – thank you!

I have recently went over your book, ‘Effortless Ecommerce’ which gave me the foundation to create my own CMS. I have learned a lot about login systems, session id’s, and protecting forms. Thank you for all the clear explanations in your book and taking the time to share it with the world.
Jafar A. (Beckley, WV)

I’ve been waiting for this book for over a year now ….. and IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ve really outdone yourself on this one. I’m not sure exactly when it came out, but I checked online the other day and saw it was available … so I got it shipped overnight. I now own 5 of your books and I am most pleased with this one.

Such good information. I am a full time web developer, and I actually just incorporated my own business (just to see what happens) and this book will most definitely help my business grow.

Thanks for the awesome book Larry ….. it is seriously awesome!

Big time fan,
Jerry M.

The more i read this book the more i realize it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for. A lot of books talk about stuff but don’t give (as you say) a “definitive” answer. But this book has been great giving you no bs straight answers. With regards to the php and coding, love the straight to the point practical coding rather than just teaching php formulas and you have to figure out how to actually make it work. i’ll add more comments as I continue but i am thoroughly pleased and can’t wait to buy the paperbook for my desk.
Safari Books Online anonymous reader