“MySQL: Visual QuickStart Guide” (2nd Edition) Reviews and Comments

You can find formal reviews of this book at Amazon.com, by searching online. or through any other site that sells my books. Here are a couple of recent comments I personally received from other readers regarding this specific edition of this book:

I am a last year student at Bergen University College (Engineering Automation), and I just wanted to tell the author how much I appreciate the book “MySQL Second Edition (Visual Quickstart Guide)”. I have tried to learn MySQL before, but I didn’t quite know how to begin. However, when using this book, I found MySQL wasn’t as hard as I first imagined. It is great for beginners, learning MySQL.

Thanks for getting me started with MySQL!

Good luck with your further work.
Jan Rune B.

I must say that I am finding your book most easy to understand thus far.
Chris L. (South Africa)

I bought your MySQL Visual Quickstart Guide 2nd Ed. SQL. It is indeed a very easy to learn book.  Thank you for making it available.
Jose A. N. M. (Manila, Philippines)

Larry, I just bought your MySQL book a week or so ago and I must tell you that it is a rare occurrence to find an author that can communicate step-by-step what needs to be done and it actually works the first time. I hate installing software but I’ve installed MySQL on three different Windows machines by following your instructions with no problems (yet). Also the installation of the Connector/J driver was just like you presented it in the Java chapter. Great job!

Well, while I’m at it, the code in the Java chapter got me connected immediately and I was INSERTing INTO and SELECTing like a fool in no time. Anyway, you’ve done a great job with the text. Wish you’d do an ASP.NET text though I sense that you probably operate outside of the Microsoft realm as much as possible.
Merrill P., Ph.D.

I’m using your book to get used with mySQL and now it’s my official reference!!
The examples and explanation are clear and complete, as the visual QuickStart series is.
Vinicius A. M. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)