“PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming: Visual QuickPro Guide (3rd Edition)” Errata

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of myself, the technical editor, the copy editor, the line editor, the proofreader, and despite the multiple revisions, errors still occur. This page lists all the errors found in the book since it went to print.

Note: errors are corrected in subsequent printings and therefore your particular copy may not contain all of the following. You may also be experiencing problems not caused by a mistake in the book. If so, you may find the solution to your problem by using the book’s corresponding forum. Significant changes in the technology will be addressed there and you can also find problems and solutions encountered by other readers.

Known Errors in the Book:

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Chapter Page # Description Date Added
1: Advanced PHP Techniques 41 The last tip should refer to the sscanf() function, not “scanf()”. April 3, 2013
5: Advanced OOP 169 The last word in Step 6 should be “public” not “pubic”! April 3, 2013
6: More Advanced OOP 199 The last line of code in Steps 6 and 7 do not need the closing </li> tags. February 3, 2016
6: More Advanced OOP 208 Just before “To use namespaces:”, it should refer to “Department”, not “Directory”. February 3, 2016
6: More Advanced OOP 212 The third question in the last “review” item should say “How do you create a namespace?”. April 3, 2013
Chapter 9: Example–CMS with OOP 286 Table 9.1 should list a sixth field: dateAdded, with a type of TIMESTAMP. April 3, 2013
Chapter 9: Example–CMS with OOP 302 The function definition on line 36 of Script 9.6 should use $page as the parameter name to match the code within the function. This also applies to Step 5 on page 303. January 2, 2013
Chapter 9: Example–CMS with OOP 309 The query on line 15 should also retrieve the creatorId value in order for the page to test if the current user can edit the page. This change also applies to Step 3 on page 310. January 2, 2013
Chapter 11: PHP and the Server 372 The description in Step 1 should refer to HTML, not HMTL! January 2, 2013