"PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide" (3rd Edition) Errata

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of myself, the technical editor, the copy editor, the line editor, the proofreader, and despite the multiple revisions, errors still occur. This page lists all the errors found in the book since it went to print.

Note: errors are corrected in subsequent printings and therefore your particular copy may not contain all of the following. You may also be experiencing problems not caused by a mistake in the book. If so, you may find the solution to your problem by using the book’s corresponding forum. Significant changes in the technology will be addressed there and you can also find problems and solutions encountered by other readers.

Known Errors in the Book:

Chapter Page # Description Date Added
4: Using Numbers 78 In Step 7, there’s no need for the closing P tag at the end of the code. This also applies in line 49 of Script 4.2 on page 76. February 14, 2009
6: Control Structures 122 Line 3 of the first paragraph should refer to register.html, not feedback.html. October 26, 2009
7: Using Arrays 182 The message on line 25 of Script 7.9, also found under Step 5 on page 183, should say “one” instead of “once”. July 7, 2010
8: Creating Web Applications 205 In the fourth paragraph, the variable $timestamp should actually be $ts, to match the code in the above line. May 24, 2009
8: Creating Web Applications 206 Line 18 of Script 8.7 should use a closing EM tag. This also applies to the code in Step 5 on page 207. October 26, 2009
9: Cookies and Sessions 269 In the section on sessions, I say that you should use the unset() function on the $_SESSION array. This is actually not the proper way to reset the $_SESSION variable. Instead, use $_SESSION = array();, November 1, 2009
9: Cookies and Sessions 270 In the final tip the reference should be to session.use_trans_sid, not enable_trans_side. February 14, 2009
11: Files and Directories 304 I should have made clear that the stream_encoding() function only exists as of PHP 6. This also applies to line 20 of Script 11.1 (on page 305) and to the corresponding code in Step 6 on page 307. May 25, 2010
11: Files and Directories 341 At the end of the paragraph, it should refer to auto_detect_line_endings, not auto_detect_line_encodings. May 25, 2010
11: Files and Directories 344 On line 53 of Script 11.7, and in the correpsonding code under Step 12 on page 344, the password field should have the name “password”, without the number “1”. November 1, 2009
12: Intro to Databases 352 In the first sentence of the last paragraph, it should say “…the message from being immediately displayed.” November 6, 2010
12: Intro to Databases 375 In the code under Step 5, the second reference to $row[‘entry_id’] is missing the first apostrophe. October 26, 2009
13: Regular Expressions 402 In the last paragraph, it should say …but (bon)* matches zero or more bon’s (bonjour or bonbon or no bon’s at all). November 1, 2009
Appendix A: Installation and Configuration 423 The last word in the explanation of Step 2 should be parenthesis, not parentheses. October 26, 2009