“Ruby: Visual QuickStart Guide” Errata

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of myself, the technical editor, the copy editor, the line editor, the proofreader, and despite the multiple revisions, errors still occur. This page lists all the errors found in the book since it went to print.

Note: errors are corrected in subsequent printings and therefore your particular copy may not contain all of the following. You may also be experiencing problems not caused by a mistake in the book. If so, you may find the solution to your problem by using the book’s corresponding forum. Significant changes in the technology will be addressed there and you can also find problems and solutions encountered by other readers.

Known Errors in the Book:

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Chapter Page # Description Date Added
2: Simple Scripts 33 Figure 2.11 erroneously shows that the script input2.rb is being run when it should be comments.rb. The interaction and result of the script are correct, however. May 25, 2010
2: Simple Scripts 98 Figure 5.13 is missing the line score = 75. May 25, 2010
9: Modules and Includes 199 The second class definition in the second tip should be ClassB. May 25, 2010
12: RubyGems 266 In the last sentence, the reference should be to Figure 12.2, not 12-02. May 25, 2010
14: Databases 323 An end is missing after line 52, closing the if begun on line 49. April 3, 2013
16: Ruby on Rails 366 On line 3 of the right-hand column, the sentence should read …details are probably…. October 26, 2009