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The first thing you’ll need to know to use JavaScript and jQuery in Yii is how to add JavaScript to a Web page. As with any standard Web page, there are two primary options:

Link to an external file that contains the JavaScript code
Place the JavaScript code directly in the page using SCRIPT tags
Just as I assume you’re already comfortable with JavaScript, I’ll also assume you know the arguments for and against both approaches. (Technically, there’s a third option: place the JavaScript inline within an HTML tag. This is not a recommended approach in modern Web sites, however, and I won’t demonstrate it here.)

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So………you may have noticed that it’s been a while since my last newsletter. It’s been a loooong while. And, technically, the last newsletter was just a “hey, I’m going to start doing newsletters again”, so the last real newsletter was even longer ago. Hmmm…as you may know, I’m pretty crazy busy these days, and some things just aren’t getting done (despite the fact that I’m working 7 days a week, ugh). But let’s not dwell on the past, but rather revel in this, a new newsletter!

In this edition, I wanted to share some of the resources that I like to use for learning about new things. Safe to say that my (this) newsletter is rather personal and different (and more inconsistent!) than most. I gather people do find my newsletter to be useful, which is good, considering the effort I actually put into it. But if you’d like to broaden your horizons, to get information from other sources, these other newsletters are worth considering, too. Truth be told, then tend to stack up in my email until I have time to review them like once a month. And then I have to bookmark the articles I’m interested in for later reading, but still…worth considering and subscribing to. (They’re all free, by the way.)

Looking ahead, I have tentative newsletters scheduled on: the business of freelancing; attending and speaking at conferences; and on writing and publishing. I’m going to try to do better about getting these newsletters out more regularly, like every month-ish. As I’ll address later in this newsletter, the first version of “The Yii Book” is winding down, and I’ll be completing it and the version for Yii 2 this summer, so I’m hoping that my life becomes a lot more maintainable in the near future.

Returning to this newsletter, if you have any resources that you value that I didn’t mention, please let me know and I’ll include it in a follow-up. As always, questions, comments, and all feedback are much appreciated. And thanks for your interest in what I have to say and do!

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Over the past weekend I was fortunate enough to give three presentations at the excellent Northeast PHP conference in Boston:

-How To Get There
-Ajax: You Can Do It, Too!
-How to Teach PHP and Web Development

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I’m very happy to say that I’ll be speaking at the 2013 Northeast PHP Conference, taking place in Boston on August 16-18. This is the second year of the Northeast PHP Conference, and my first year attending. I’ve heard excellent things about last year’s event, and am thrilled to be participating. I’m also fortunate enough to know several people in the Boston PHP community now, so it’ll be great to see them again.

I’ve actually been selected to do three presentations, all of which are new for me (I’ll be pretty busy in July!). Those presentations are…

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I’m happy to announce that a new version has been posted today. This version includes Chapter 13, “Using Extensions,” and Chapter 14, “JavaScript and jQuery.” This concludes Part 2 of the book (better late than never, eh?).

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