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  1. HartleySan, Thank you and please don't feel the need to apologize when you are trying to generously help me during your spare time. Your logic makes sense and another developer friend commented the same.I'll try to see how to hold back the ajax trigger until after the radio buttons have loaded. The most frustrating thing is that the firebug console shows nothing.. no errors..not even a little help. My condolence to you for only having IE6 to work with! Thank you again
  2. Hi, HartleySan, Actually, the problem really seems to be the fact that the below jquery ajax code isn't firing up because it's preceded/called upon by another set of ajax. If I tried to open this file on my own, the calendar.html file opens up beautifully...but it's only when the file is opened via a preceding ajax Get call. I'm at the end of my wits - any chance you can see what's wrong with the codes below so that when it's preceded by another ajax, it doesn't get triggered? I've heard that "bind" or "live" could help, but I don't know jquery enough to know how to effectively incorporate t
  3. Hello, HartleySan! Yes, this is the same topic I started awhile ago. I followed through what you recommended above and was able to get the datepicker dynamically appear based on selected radio button. So that's progress...! BUT!! my problem is still integrating this to the steps which precede it.... I have ajax calls in two successive motions and they seem to conflict with each other. More specifically.,.With my reservation form (1) You first select # of people via dropdown. The value you select here then calls a "roomselect.php" script via ajax (2) then the radio buttons from rooms
  4. Hello, Hartleysan Apologies for not getting back. I ended up finding different set of codes which worked . I posted it under a different question I just posted under "Ajax & posting radio button". I've been trying to build this dynamic reservation system for ages now and seems to get stuck every time I think I have it sorted. I'd greatly appreciate your reply to the new topic if you have the chance as it's taken the question I've written above to an progressive stage.
  5. Hello I'm building a restaurant reservation form which needs to do 3 things - 1) Allow users to input # of people reserving for (Drop down) 2) Then dynamically based on # of people show available rooms (Radio button) 3) Then based on selected room, show date availability via (jquery datepicker) I need all 3 items to access mysql database and appear on same page without refresh. I have 1 & 2 working well but can't figure out how to pass on #2's selected room value onto a php and datepicker id to show dynamically. However, #3, as an independent file actually works well. Hence I
  6. Hello, HartleySan - Thank you very much for your reply! Firstly, let me start by saying that the codes combine a few codes i've found on Larry's Javascript book or on the web, particularly on http://www.emirplicanic.com/javascript/jquery-ui-highlight-multiple-dates-in-jquery-datepicker. Meaning, there's probably a v good reason why it's not working and/or I won't be able to answer all of the below in a coherent manner! Here are my answers to your questions 1) Is the intended value being correctly retrieved from the DB and stored in the $row['AvailableDate'] variable? Yes, I have double
  7. Hello -I'm trying to build a datepicker which only allows certain dates in my database to be selected.. Below are the codes...and the datepicker widget shows up but the "AvailableDate" (which is listed in the database as "2012-05-09") are not showing up in different color. Please can someone help to see where the error is? Thank you! [left]<!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Untitled Document</title> <link href="css/jquery-ui-1.8.14.custom.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <script src="https://a
  8. WHOO HOO! Thank you very much Hartleysan and Stuart! I took all that you've suggested above and was able to FINALLY end this nightmarish problem I've been trying to resolve for days now! I actually skipped the chapter Larry had about regex in his php book but after reading your suggestion above, Hartleysan, I read it and it makes a lot of sense now. Your codes worked beautifully! Thanks so much!
  9. Hello - Thank you for your reply and help again. As you suggested in parts of your response, I decided to use php to autopopulate options and the post method (at least until I learn Ajax) to capture the value of the selected options. But now I'm stuck in a different way and, if you wouldn't mind, would appreciate your insight once more. I am building a website that lists meals and price per meal. So each meal has its own unique price. I've laid out the options below and the problem I now have is to separate the meal and price from each other when I do $_POST["menus"]. I can't seem to f
  10. Thank you very much HartleySan! What you wrote out is exactly what I was looking for, except I'd appreciate your guidance on a couple of more things: 1) Rather than using javascript to autopopulate, is there a way I can use php to "fetch" data from the database to autopopulate? 2) I'm most interested in learning how the selected value can be shown in a text box - for instance, after selecting "2" under quantity, there's text box called quantity which dynamically shows "2" again. and then another text box underneath that shows selected price. And then a third box at the bottom that does "s
  11. Hello - I would love some guidance here. The book redirects the user from sales page to a separate shopping cart page, but I'd like to create a mini same-page shopping cart page with a dynamic subtotal on the bottom of the page. More specifically, I'd like to create simple subtotal box that autopopulates quantity and price based on options the user have made. So, if a user selects quantity of "3" and then selects goods that are worth "$30", then on the same page at the bottom, it should dynamically show text as "quantity:3", "price per product: $30", and "subtotal: "$90." Here's the HTML I'
  12. Thank you so much, Jonathon, again! It took me a long time, but thanks to your initial guidance, i finally figured out what I have to do to make it more dynamic and not have every single item shown with mysqli_fetchy_array. I'm sure there's some rookie mistake I'm making here, but here's what I've done for others who are looking to do the same thing On page.php, write "<?php echo '<a href="product.php?sku='.row['sku'].'">See Product 15</a>'; ?>" And then on product.php, write (after including the config and requiring MYSQL), "if (isset($_GET['SKU'])) { $sql="
  13. Hello - Thanks for your reply. I'm quite a newbie, I actually have trouble figuring out how to "pass the SKU" over to a specific page. Is there a mysqli function that passes it over so it "catches" and recognizes just one SKU? the mysqli_fetch either gives me all the SKU or just the first one...Thanks so much! This book has really helped me get my business started Sjk
  14. Hello, In Example 2 home page, when you click ont he red mug, it takes you to a sales page with the red mug on top PLUS all these other products. I am in the process of creating my own Dynamic catalogue and would like to learn if there's a way to click on that red mug on the home page and then land on a sales page that ONLY has details of the red mug, and no other products. More specifically, the current codes on Ex 2 is as follow: 1) The red mug on the home page has the following href: <a href="/shop/sales/#' . $row['sku'] .'> 2) The above ultimately goes to a list_sales.htm
  15. Hello - In Exercise 2, each coffee sales item alllows for 1 image. I am trying to move to an image gallery where each sales item will display multiple photos (one large photo with corresponding thumbnail view). I have the css template for an image gallery, but don't know how to store multiple photos per sales item in the database. Tried adding multiple photos via phpMyadmin in the general_coffees table (used commas to separate each jpg), but that did not work. Any way to do this? Many thanks in advance for your help sjk
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