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  1. Hi every one, I am reading the coffee's image upload part. I am not familiar with file upload. The || (! in_array($image_info['mime'], $allowed_mime)) , I do not understand 'mime'. Is this predefined or fixed? Thanks for reply
  2. Same with index ``(``)? <-----or does this exist?
  3. Hi Larry. Can I know that web server application( Apache ) is to control the web server( physical server ?) or is to parse the server side code( eg:php ) , or both ? Thanks for your times I had find out at wikipedia. It is okay already, you can ignore it. from malaysian.
  4. Hi everyone. Does strip_tags function strip javascript's code? Thanks
  5. Hi all, can provide me the link about the hash_hmac shared secret key. I found that the shared secret key from other websites are type by own prefer character(not by fix options). Thanks
  6. Hi all. When I type in the Instant Payment notification URL, it do not allow http://localhost/ipn.php So I type it another URL: http://www.weng.com/ipn.php, which does not exist, but it allow I think it is not Okay. Thanks for helping <-- End -- >
  7. define ('BASE_URI', '/c:/xampp/htdocs/'); define ('BASE_URL', 'http://localhost/'); define ('PDFS_DIR', BASE_URI . 'pdfs/'); // Added in Chapter 5. define ('MYSQL', BASE_URI . 'mysql.inc.php');----------- I thought this should be located outside the htdocs ? Thanks for reply
  8. define ('BASE_URI', '/c:/xampp/htdocs/');----------I am Window 7 user and is this the right path ? define ('BASE_URL', 'www.example.com/'); define ('PDFS_DIR', BASE_URI . 'pdfs/'); // Added in Chapter 5. define ('MYSQL', BASE_URI . 'mysql.inc.php'); Hi (Larry)all, thanks for helping me
  9. Hi all, what does the key ``(``) for? Thanks
  10. Hi, Larry, please help me Printf ( " Cost is: $%01.2f ", $cost ) ; Can I know what does the "01" mean ? Thanks for your time
  11. I am sorry for my act, If I offended you,I don't mean to. I just feel helpless and thanks again for your time
  12. I try the link,but I will try it further by adding "pear" behind the php from the environment variable Perhaps it will work. The cmd output ....not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I use the command prompt to find the PEAR code. The pear code is actually a block of code. This can build php program more faster. Thanks a lot for reply me.
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