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  1. I have found this exact version of what I need but I'm not sure how to convert it to my own extension of Yii. Please have a look http://www.marcofolio.net/webdesign/a_fancy_apple.com-style_search_suggestion.html Could anybody please help me?
  2. Hi there Larry. Yes...and for the life of me I can't seem to figure this one out on my own. Previous problems became easy after a while but not this one. Could you please give me some advice?? BTW thank you for all the wonderful work in light of the Yii framework. This is the first time that I'm using a framework and decided on Yii as I learned PHP from one of your books and decided if you like Yii then it must be worth my while and thus far it most certainly is!!
  3. I really don't know why this keeps happening. But here is the link to the code I used :http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/361/simple-way-to-use-autocomplete-using-different-id-and-display-value/ I would like to achieve the following but I'm not sure how: 1)have a dropdown list with sizes (small, medium or large) which would be added to my SQL statement. I.e. if the dropdownlist is set to large then something like "....WHERE size='large'...." should be included in the SQL query. 2)If no records are found then I need to display a "Sorry, no results" message in the autocomplet
  4. Hi everybody. I have used the following code from http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/361/simple-way-to-use-autocomplete-using-different-id-and-display-value/ . My table name is dog and I'm interested in three attributes: id, name and size. So far I have gotten an autocomplete field working which is populated with the name-attribute values as typed in by the end user. The following code does that: Under extensions: <?php Yii::import("zii.widgets.jui.CJuiAutoComplete"); class myAutoComplete extends CJuiAutoComplete { /** * Run this widget. * This method registers
  5. I also thought that it would be more useful to have a categories dropdown limiting these AJAX requests to only a certain category with the default value being all. Thus a search possible values will only come from one attribute but it will be limited by values indicated in another attribute. Ex. 1)Table (named dog) with Attributes: id, name, size and image (which is a path to image file) 2) model, and CRUD functionality generated via gii 3)User of site should be able to select between small, medium and large in the categories dropdown or all sizes will be scanned as a default 4)Use
  6. Thank you very much for the reply. I have tried and failed the entire day (from South Africa so its nighttime over here already ). I have however found an extension that basically does what I want but I'm struggling with its implementation. The extension can be found here: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/select2/#hh1 A demo can be found here: http://ivaynberg.github.com/select2/#documentation Please see the " Loading Remote Data" section. Now this is exactly what I want to do. With the images etc. I just want to add a search button that would allow users to navigate to
  7. Hi there everybody. I've only recently started experimenting with the Yii framework and must say that I'm loving it. I have however run into a slight dilemma which I just can't seem to figure out. I must admit that my javascript (jQuery) knowledge probably isn't up to scratch but I would prefer to make that part of my Yii learning experience. The problem: I want to include a search function in my header. This search function should behave exactly the same as a normal autocomplete dropdown textbox and the values of autocomplete options should be retrieved from two or more MYSQL dat
  8. Oh and I would really like to keep the hash_hmac function as is seeing as my other site uses this exact function and I would prefer to not have to ask users to re-enter their passwords when I eventually use this Yii based site instead of the old procedural programmed site.
  9. Hi there you guys. I have recently started using Yii and I am trying to develop a couple of basic systems one of which is a simple registration and login system. I have succeeded in the registration form and entering data into the database(MYSQL). I used a hash_hmac function in a similar fashion used in Effortless e-commerce, also written by Larry. A encrypted form of the password does show up in my database so I'm guessing this is not the problem. I'm using the agile application development using Yii book as a learning aid and did the login system according to this. I have however nam
  10. Thank you very much Larry. I asked my web host to please enable output buffering and all problems solved!!! Really grateful.
  11. Another thing that might help, is that this problem arises on all of my pages. So the problem is not on my index page. I've really tried everything oncluding moving session_start to the beginning of different files, checking for whitespace in files etc.
  12. I have tried this but doesn't seem to me like I'm getting it to work. I have done this interesting experiment: I've placed an echo statement at the beginning of my config file as well as next to my session_start function. The "Here config starts" is above the error while the "here session starts"is echoed just beneath the error. when I moved the session to above the"Here config starts, both the session message and config start message moved to below the error message. Don't know if this makes more sense to somebody else than it does to me!
  13. I have placed session_start at the very start of my config file as well but no luck. On index.php line one there is no whitespace and the only thing there is my opening php tag. I have tried to remove session_start from my config file and place it at the very top of my page specific script but still no luck. Is there a way that.
  14. Hi there guys and gals. I'm busy uploading my site and during the development process I've relied quite heavily on Larry's book. I do seem to have a problem now that it is uploaded however. It gives me these errors: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /public_html/index.php:1) in /public_html/mvc/controller/system/config.php on line 54 Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /public_html/index.php:1) in /public_htm
  15. I've struggled with this as well in the beginning. I've decided to leave it out of my code. Remember this book is only a guide and you should use whatever you're comfortable with. I've found that I'm more comfortable with $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], which equals for example www.myweb.com/ . Another piece of advice that I can give from my little experience, is to never forget the 'echo' command. It can tell you a lot. for example, if you want to know why your constants aren't working, display the value of it in the browser using echo and you'll solve this problem really quickly or at least that'
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