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  1. Yeehaw, Got mine yesterday and finished the first two chapters. I have been *using* JavaScript for a couple of years ,now it's time to learn to program with it ! This books is wonderful so far, the words flow and I can tell this is going to be a fun ride. I learned a lot from the PHP for the Web book and looking forward to finishing this book as well. Thanks Larry !
  2. I see okay, by the way I love the book Larry, I am really learning PHP!
  3. Not sure if I am getting this, I followed along and still I am seeing the PHPSESSID here is the code <?php // Script 9.8 - logout.php /* * * Session ID is still present * I am using a Edit this Cookie * A Chrome Add On for working with * Cookies, still seeing the * PHPSESSID | localhost */ // Need the session session_start(); // Delete the session variable unset($_SESSION); // Reset the session array $_SESSION = array(); session_destroy(); // Define the page title and include the header define('TITLE', 'Log Out!'); require('_includes/header.html'); echo '<h2>Log Out Page!</h2>'; require('_includes/footer.html'); ?> Why am I still seeing the session ID ? Thanks so much!
  4. Sorry, but I think I understand now, the include or require file take on the extension of the parent file so that is why the PHP is working from an HTML file undefined
  5. I don't understand how the the header.html file is writing PHP in it's <title></title> tags ?
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