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  1. Hi Larry, The Slide Out Menu deploys on Loading. https://vocaquest.com/spanish/ I think it's a little distracting and would prefer it did Not deploy until clicked. Any advice is much appreciated. As always, thanks for providing such a great site! kbear, Boston MA
  2. On Firefox the (browser window) vertical scroll bar does not appear, making it somewhat of a mystery. However on Chrome, the scroll bar does appear and disappear, making the cause of the problem (horizontal shifting) more obvious. I guess having enough blank space top and bottom so that the scroll bar is always present is the best solution. Thanks for clarifying this for me Hartley! kbear
  3. Yes. With the vertical (above and below) margins, the page always has a vertical scroll bar at the right extreme of the browser window. When before I said there is no horizontal scroll bar, I meant there is none on the dictionary typing boxes (upper right corner). If I make the browser box much smaller (horizontally) I will get a (horiz) scroll bar at the bottom of the browser window, but not on the dictinary typing boxes. The dictionary typing boxes DO HAVE vertical scroll bars when user typing inside.
  4. Thanks Hartley! Yes, it seems that it is related to the vertical scroll bar being present (or not). No horizontal sroll bar appears (or is necessary) under any condition. For some reason, with margin added top and bottom at, http://unlockspanish.com/ this vertical scroll bar response does not occur.
  5. Hello, In the upper right corner, the word WELCOME is highlighted when you enter this page, http://unlockspanish.com/margin/ Watch closely, and type any letter, perhaps t. You will see the whole app shift to the left. If you click outside of the typing box, you'll see the whole app move back right. I call this shifting. We've avoided this on the main app page by adding margin at the top and bottom. However then the app needs to be centered vertically frequently. http://unlockspanish.com/ Any advice on what is happening with this shifting problem is greatly appreciated. As always, Gracias de antemano (Thanks beforehand) kbear
  6. I am developing a Spanish language learning app and having trouble with the text input in the upper right corner. http://www.unlockspanish.com/ Previously the app was done in Flex, and it has tying functionality which is more enjoyable to use than the current javascript version (above link). http://www.unlockspanish.com/FlexApp/ Notice if user types a word in FlexApp box, for example, print in dictionarry, the drop down display box continues to display other words that do not match this string. The typing function always forwards to a word on a list, and displays adjacent words in the dropdown. QUESTION: I have the source code for the Flex App. Can I copy the typing functionality into the Javascript app? OR, is there another way to achieve a similar result. All advice is greatly appreciated. Brian Matthews
  7. Hello All, I have an app underdevelopment, that can be seen here. I am posting with a question about the listbox that is seen in the column along the left side. This box displays different spacing on different browsers. On Firefox there is a large spacing between lines (about 1/8 inch gap between each line). Very nice appearance. However on Chrome, Safari and IE, there is almost no gap at all. The result is the listbox looks very crowded. I would like to check here with the forum if there is any options availble to adjust spacing, or if some possible hack would accomplish this result. Very appreciative for any advice.
  8. Hello All, I have a buildup underway of an app I've posted here in the forums before. The functionality to be duplicated is made with Flex and can be seen here, www.unlockspanish.com The build is available here, My question is, if a user types a word in the dictionary (left side of adjacent input field in upper right corner) there is a prompt to install a plugin. I'm surprised that a plugin isn't already installed on most browsers to do a very common task (play an mp3 file which is the pronunciation of the word). Additionally this plugin is Apple Quicktime. One further complication is that I was unable to install this plugin on either of my systems. I'm wondering if there is an approach to this situation which would not require a plugin install, as of course, many people are adverse to installing anything on their computers. It seems there should be a way for this to work without any user adjustments to their systems. All input is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello again all, I've had someone suggest I use the Extjs/YUI framework (I think he perhaps meant Extjs/Yii) for the UI to make it 'display nicely on all browsers and devices'. Does this sound like a reasonable suggestion. I had been thinking the the UI might just be made in html5 using Dreamweaver or equivalent. Don't hesitate to correct my ignorance if necessary
  10. Oh, and this is a one time load?
  11. This is a huge help Hartley. Regarding loading to JS Object, > you may want to load all the vocab data from the DB into a JS object when the site is first loaded for easy and quick access to everything. If you don't do that, you will likely have to use Ajax to get the data, which will make things more difficult and slow things down. There are about 7500 word pairs in the dictionary, then about 250 sentences (in the center/main box). Would this loading happen rather quickly for newer (2-3 years max) pcs and ipads? Thanks again!
  12. Thanks both! >In particular, what functionality are you concerned about being able to recreate? Well, I'm not a programmer, so my ability to discuss these matters is a bit limited. Scalable display based on browser window size (down to 625 px min, 800 px max). Dictionary (upper right corner) has type-ahead feathers, plays mp3 file on enter key. Focus List button makes list of words, visible when clicking Focus list tab. Test tab presents (randomly) chosen words from Focus list. If user just hits Enter key repeatedly, correct answers are displayed and test repeats. Verb conjugations button displays data from database (when verb in dictionary box). In-Depth button displays some text/audio data that is currently created as Adobe .swf docs. That's pretty much the whole thing. I guess it sounds like I should pursue having it done with javascript. So, is this Abode edge (for animation) anything that is worth learning as a flash (swf) replacement? http://html.adobe.com/edge/
  13. Hi Larry, Would you advise me on how to proceed with a project. I am wondering what tools you would recommend to 're-do' the capablilites created here with Flex. www.unlockspanish.com Would Edge w/ javascript be a good alternative, or something else. I'm wondering also if you think Apache has breathed new life into Flex with it's 4.9 release. Thanks in Advance.
  14. Thanks for your thoughts on the visuals. I thought I was seeing some slight problems, but I guess I've been looking at it too long.
  15. I’ve have a question regarding the visuals for a Flex app. I’m not a programmer but have been able to work with some talented folks to get this made. Perhaps there’s a better place to post this comment (or more exactly request for opinions). Below is the app, made with Flex 4.5 for learning Spanish. My questions concern the clarity of some of the text toward upper left (perhaps there’s a slight blur), and (again very slight) lack of anti-aliasing in the main lessons box at center. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6938360/Mem/index.html Here it is again in a smaller size. The aim is to determine the best size for all monitors, including the smaller 768 vert px, and capture the sharpest font and image displays possible. As for smaller devices, that’s a job for a little later. http://www.unlockspanish.com/ Thanks for the great and informative site. All comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!
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