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  1. O.k. so it looks as though it's about the db. I have a cursory knowledge of such, as far as dl xampp and running through a number of tutorial lessons re. Thanks I know what to look into.
  2. Re script 3 2 which I have customized to fit a webpage of mine on political cartoons...I replaced excellent with "funny" etc...so that is the project. What I would like is info on how to tally the votes I place on each cartoon and a sum of those votes. Just a general idea of what I should do next is O.K. because I am new at PHP. I know CSS and HTML, that's it. So, I would like to be pointed to info where I can learn to tally my votes and see that the tally corresponds to the votes I make. I have of course this book edition on my Kindle, and think it will give me the basics in which I am now
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