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  1. Larry, after doing some research, I found out that MySQL 5 is a little strict than MySQL 4. After setting MySQL with the following command, I was successfully able to run the query. I am not sure why but another forum suggested it. set sql_mode = MYSQL40; By the way, here's to a Happy New Year.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Larry. According to your sql.sql file that I downloaded, there is a mistake in your command: ENCLOSED BY 'Ò' when it should be ENCLOSED BY '"'. You might want to fix that. UPDATE: Seems there is still a problem, because after I fixed that, MySQL is still reporting the following error: I may just post the full code that I am using. It's the same code that you put on your website. Respectfully, Joshua L. Hesseman
  3. Hi Larry, In chapter 3, working with u.s. zip codes, you gave an example on how to import the zip_codes.txt file into MySQL. Unfortunately, when I tried to import the data, MySQL reported the following error: The zip code database can be downloaded from: http://www.popularda...e_database.html Respectfully, Joshua L. Hesseman
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