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  1. Sorry for wasting peoples time but I managed to get it sorted by simply removing the line containing the mysqli_stmt_insert_id statrement and setting the $id below to the artist name.
  2. Hi boys and girls, I have an issue with an altered version of add_book.php, which is used to add musical artists to an artists table in database. As far as I can see my code is fine as have altered this script a couple of times for various uses but for the life of me I cannot figure out why it is not working. The error that is being thrown out is : Your submission could not be processed due to a system error. I have tracked through the code slowly but cannot work out what is causing this error. I have attached the code below and if anyone can help then I would be very appreciative. &
  3. Rebuilt the script from scratch and it worked perfectly. Thanks for pointing me inright direction.
  4. Thanks for quick reply HartleySan. Have just echoed $pages variable and it returns 1 so obviously that is the problem. Will have a play and try and resolve before posting back.
  5. Hello all. I am a relative newbie to php and mysql but have been progressing through book with great results up until i have hit a wall with a pagination script. The scripts used are a combination of 9.4 - paginate view users and chapter 17 ecommerce from the PHP 6 and MySQL 5 book. The issue involves the script not creating further links for additional pages should the results returned exceed the $display variable. I don't get any next or previous links at all and for the life of me cannot see why. The page displays with whatever the $display number is set out but no links to addi
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