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  1. Anyway, I chose the option $pass = hash_hmac('sha256', $pass, Yii::app()->params['encryptionKey']); This worked.
  2. So that's why it's confusing me... Anyone got the same problem?
  3. I followed the book in page 208 -209, chapter 9. But when I tested it, I got this error, I looked up in the documentation, this method exists... CExceptionCSecurityManager and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "computeHMAC".
  4. Problem is solved, thank you~ Yeah, I understand the importance of sharing information in the forum~
  5. Oh, I just checked my email, you have already changed it for me~ Thank you boss~~~ Now I can start readling, hahahahha
  6. Wow, I was sleepless last night... And I thought the only solution is exactly the same... change the email address in the database, haha So can I send you message in this forum, Larry?
  7. Hi There, This is hilarious cuz I was not sensitive enough to avoid that mistake as a web developer. Ok, the flow how I made that mistake is: I finally decided to buy the cool yii book, so I went to the website and opened the BUY page. Somehow I chose paypal to purchase rather than just using the payment port on that page. So I logged into my paypal account which I created few years back when I was in China, it's using the conventional QQMail address as the account email. But currently I'm not using it cuz I am in New Zealand and it's more professional to use the international Gmail... Typed in card details, transaction proceed, smoothly... Payment successful! I was redirected back to the book website, I saw the download file and I downloaded it successfully, then I closed my Chrome.(...$_SESSION[user_id] destroyed...) Then I realised something... I wasn't informed to register on the book site, and how am I supposed to get the book updates later on? I opened the browser again, managed to login back, ignoring the book I just downloaded... Login form obviously didn't make sense to me, so I tried Forgot your password?, I typed in my QQMail address of my paypal account which I assumed it could have something to do with the account here... Yep, assumption was correct, so I got a message saying that I can login back by checking my mail, so I opened my QQMail... Nope, no mail received from Larry, tried one more time, Nope, one more time, Nope... Then I tried to find out why it's happening... the result turned out to be the Chinese government's censorship blocked Larry's website mail services... So, I was petrified and sent two feedback messages to Larry on the site... I gave him my fancy don‘t-blocktive Gmail account, my paypal receipt(thank havens they didn't block paypal...), wishing I could login again for getting those updates later.... Right, that's my blablabla... I can't focus on the book now, so came here to complain... and of course, seek help...
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