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  1. Ref. p.164 "Creating Multidimensional Arrays" Wondering why I keep getting "Notice"s about "Array to string conversion". I think this is covered in the book but I can't seem to find the place right now (or, I'm being lazy). I'm using Notepad v. 6.3 with XAMPP v. with PHP v.5.4.7 and testing in Firefox (latest). Here's the "error": -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\xampp\htdocs\test\multidimensional_arrays\books.php on line 49 PHP
  2. Just want to say what an excellent book this is, i.e. "PHP for the Web" [4th edition]. I very much like the writing, the pace of instruction, the layout and everything else. I had minor problems in spacing because of the narrow layout columns that force code onto the next line - couldn't see if two characters were right next to each other or if there was actually a space between them. The little grey arrows on the left side of the code could be either a space or a hard return, no? It actually hasn't caused me any real problems, though, since I can deduce from context whether I need
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