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  1. Hi, I am trying to get this code to work, and can't figure out what I'm not doing correctly. New to javascript, PHP and HTML. My PHP code below is not working. I select records from some data base files and store all of the records in an array. I display the information from the first record on the screen. When the "Next" button on the screen is clicked, I want to read the array and get the next record and display that information on the screen. The user will continue to hit the "Next" button until all the records have been displayed on the screen for review. I've tried to do this
  2. Larry, First time poster. Just starting out with PHP, finding your PHP for the Web:Visual QuisckStart Guide exactly what I need to help me understand how to do PHP. I plan to purchase your advanced version of PHP and SQL as soon as I finish this book. I have written an inquiry program with one page for the header and another for the detail. When a link for the line item on the first page is clicked, I pass the order# associated with that line item via the URL to the second page as a $_GET. On the second page, I use a $_GET for the order# and use that order# in my SQL statement. This w
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