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  1. I have gone through all the appendix and followed the direction, but I cannot get MySQL Client to let me set the root password. I enter SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('PASSWORD'); ERROR 1044 access denied to user ' '@'localhost' to database 'mysql' Can you point me in the right direction. Don
  2. The include directory worked. I retrospect it makes sense since the include statement is a path statement. The text hints and that but does not describe it to well. Taking out the include alltogether did not seem to work, but I want to work with a little more. Thanks Don
  3. Using XAMPP all the files are in the htdocs file. The code for index.php: <?php # Script 3.4 - index.php $page_title = 'Welcome to this site!'; include ('includes/header.inc.html'); ?> <h1>Content Header</h1> <p>This is where the page-specific content goes. This section, and the conresponding header, will change from one page to the next.</p> <p>Volutpat at various sed sollicitudin et, arcu. Vivamus viverra. Nullam turpis. Vestibullum sed etiam. Lorem, ipsum sit amet dolore. Nulla faclilisi. Sed tortor. Anean felis. Quisque eros. Cras l
  4. I am having a problem with Chapter 3 index.php. I can get the html files to work independantly, but when I try to include them in the index.php file I get an can't find error. Help
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