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  1. Hi Larry, and all other experts, I am following your guide on setting up yii for my site, and I am at the stage where I want to design all the database tables before I run Gii for the CRUD/model/view/controllers setups, now I wanted to save the session data onto a database table and have as little possible info in cookies (i'd rather not use cookies unless the user specifically wants to, or i may need to to validate whether the user is using the same machine). anyway, i got the session thing to work with the mysql db and it created the table fine... now i want to try to modify the table structure and create more fields in this table to save for instance, ip, referrer, isp, http headers, screen resolution, os, browser, etc, if i pre make these fields and call functions to read this data upon user visits, can i keep the session in the db for even if it is expired, (and then i hope to copy expired session to gather some metrics, or even for legal purposes, who was on when and where they came from (in case of criminal activity, I assume the authorities may request social networking sites to gather such statistics because it is a requirement that such sites have a report button)). so if i sort this session table out i can then run gii, would gii include this session table too? any tips or advice? thanks a million Larry (or others), your book has probably sold more than u think already, Yii is so nice to use, thanks to you, Kind Regards, Deian
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