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  1. You bet it was, and a massive self inflicted bruise on my shin...
  2. Hi HartleySan, Sorry I'm only responding now, been out of circulation for a few days. Here is the generated source for the corrupted page. I have also included copies of the link URL, which is not, from what I can see generated in the page source. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> <title>Luxadry : The Carpet Dry Cleaning Specialists</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
  3. Hi all, While making some page presentation adjustments to my website, I came across a problem which I am hoping someone else has encountered, and consequently can help me with. I was comparing the presentation of my pages between my pc and my partners' laptop to fine tune the pages presentation between the different screen sizes when some unwanted links appeared on the the laptop's browser but not on my pc. When I checked the browser source code, there was no code related to the link, it displayed as text, as it should, but the link exists. The unwanted link has picked up the CSS lin
  4. Hi, By the way the problem that existed in the "select other properties" script, was that the first line of code was empty. Must have hit enter by my mistake on the first line when doing the code for the script. I knew I would end up kicking myself. Cheers Derek
  5. Thanks for that Margaux, and sorry I am only responding now (hectic times). With the help from this board and some revision, all my issues around db_sessions are now resolved. Thank you to everyone. Cheers Derek
  6. Thanks for that HartleySan, but would that apply if ob_start() is used
  7. Hi HartleySan, No they all emailed. (Are you asking about the error messages?)
  8. Hello all, All my scripts using database sessions work fine, except for this one..... Probably kick myself when I finally get the light bulb to go on. Here is some of the relevant code and accompanying errors, hope somebody can help me. <?php require_once('./includes_proc/config.inc.php'); $page_title = 'Select My Other Properties'; include('./includes_proc/header_c5.php'); if(isset($_POST['submitted'])) { if(isset($_POST['prop'])) { $new_prop = (int) $_POST['prop']; etc.... The header script that gets included... <?php /* * This page begin
  9. Hi HartleySan, I managed to get over the initial problems thanks. Things tend to get a bit panicky when everything works perfectly on your local site, and a few problems pop up when going live, late at night, oh boy. Cheers Derek
  10. Just been doing that thanks Paul. When I put it into my header just before starting db_sessions I get a 404 message - url not found after logging in. When I recall the url for the site, I find I'm logged in. Probably something to do with how the VPS is setup? Cheers Derek
  11. Hi Paul, Sorted the database thing out at last but now I'm getting the dreaded headers already sent when logging out. Everything worked great on my local PC. The mysteries of change never seems to abide! Did you experience that too.? Cheers Derek
  12. Hi Paul, Did you initially experience any database connection issues, even the support team at the ISP appear to be stumped. We have tried numerous things but still can't seem to make a database connection??? Cheers Derek
  13. Thanks again for the input from everybody. You right Larry, I invested in a good service provider (which I got from this forum - thanks), and to compromise the integrity and responsibility to existing and future customers would not be wise.
  14. Thank you fo all the input, helps me to connect a few more dots. The main concern I have about SSL is the overhead it incurs, and you might end up with a very slow responding site. The costs associated with quality certificates are also substantial. From a purely marketing perspective I am concerned about the messages that the browser gives to the user when accessing an HTTP:// site versus a HTTPS:// site. Just as an aside how long on average does it take for new private nameservers to propagate??? Mine has been going for nearly 12 hours and still no luck with getting into my site. Che
  15. Thanks for that HartleySan, that makes sense now, I will implement that asap. I have been pretty diligent in type casting $_GET ID's and validating them against the database, with some referential integrity checks across the database and exiting back to the index page if things do not tie up. I have also stored my session data in a database to tighten things up. My site will not be doing any e-commerce type transactions, but I still feel protecting customer names, addresses and contact details is stil crucially important. I got Larry's e-commerce book more for the security aspect than the
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