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  1. Thanks Antonio for your long and kind answer. means overwriting of function is not available in JS ? we cant change the local variable value outside of the function even if we tryin to overwrite it? Right Hartley ?
  2. A noob question i think i am goin to ask Passing by value means that actual variable (in the function call) is not passed to the function but rather the variable` value is. means in local scope it works but not outside of the local scope ?? I really didnt get it :S
  3. Thanks larry ... One more question floating in my mind for MVC do i have to learn OOP DEsign Patterns or etc ?? what you suggest to learn MVC, please guide for this
  4. Thanks sir ... I am installing another small capacity hardisk ... thats it !
  5. http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=292605
  6. Virtualization software made my windows to start System Restore :S thats why larry, it just show 20MB in partition during installation. I have 320GB of hardisk and 80GB of each partition. Do i have to make more Partition for Fedora??
  7. Hi, anyone know how to install fedora ... i am stuck in its installation process ... I cant format partition even cant format that ... where its easy to install windows. What i do please help
  8. Hi everyone ... Hope you are all fine ! One question for many days are hovering in my mind that what is the real difference between Software Engineer and Developer. Which one i choose and for what reason. Please recommand me any book on software engineering.
  9. These scripts are not working .. I`ve crossed check them from Source code also. Please check. Utilities.js var U = { $: function(id){ 'use strict'; if(typeof id == 'string'){ return document.getElementById(id); } // inner IF }, // $() function setText: function (id,message){ 'use strict'; if((typeof id == 'string') && (typeof message == 'string')){ var output = this.$(id); if (!output)return false; if(output.textContent !== undefined){ output.textContent = message; }// second inner IF else { output.innerText = message;} return true; }// inner IF },// SetText Function
  10. There are few mistakes in the book that is corrected in Errata Source Code. addEvent() function.addEvent: function(obj, type, fn) { 'use strict'; if (obj && obj.addEventListener) { // W3C obj.addEventListener(type, fn, false); } else if (obj && obj.attachEvent) { // Older IE obj.attachEvent('on' + type, fn); } }, // In the Source Code addEvent : function(obj,type,fn){ 'use strict'; if(obj && obj.addEventListener){ obj.addEventListener(type,fn,false); }//inner IF else if (obj && obj.attachEve
  11. So on + type concatenate the ON event with the Object type ?? is that the reason ? Sorry for my mistake ... I got the point San. Thanks again
  12. So on + type concatenate the ON even with the Object type ?? is that the reason ?
  13. Please give a little light on these things : output.textContent; output.innerText; return true [on page 276 in U Object in its property function of SetText() just before two closing braces] if(obj && obj.detachEvent){ obj.detachEvent('on' + type, fn); - why we are using [ 'on' + type ] here ?? Thanks in Advance.
  14. This thing also not working on my side,larry. Please check ... Should i post another topic or its ok here? my script is not working
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