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  1. Is PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide (5th Edition) still a good place to start learning PHP? and.. What version of PHP is used in the book vs the most recent stable release? Is there a guide to deprecated code that exists in the book - for example functions that might have been replaced with something more efficient/secure that is posted on the forums? Is this book a good foundation/pathway towards your other book PHP and MySQL (5th Edition)? (*I've owned both for some time so I'll most likely be starting with the former) Are forum posts here able to be stickified to the top of the list? I only ask cause these are typical questions I'd think about for many web/programming/IT books and I feel that many books are not refreshed as often anymore most likely because of video content taking over for learning to code. These kind of FAQs might actually assist people in making the decision to purchase your books or any other books in the IT category. I'd also like to note that the paper thickness for IT books has been somewhat disappointing for the last decade or so and I only hope at some point that printing presses can understand that people would pay a premium for books they can read off of without seeing the page underneath - probably more directed to the publishing sector. And for those who like trees, we can always use recycled paper, or at least people in offices should be printing on that stuff.
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