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  1. Thank you. That seems to work. Why, though, are there two sets of my data within the object? The first looks like it is numbered 0 through 16 and the other uses the field names used in the associative array in PHP. -Allen
  2. I have set up code to retrieve data from a MySQL database using AJAX. The data is retrieved in JSON format. (Thank you, Larry, for your clear explanations on how to do all this.) Using firebug, I know that the data is returning properly. Here, for example, is what I see in the firebug console when I use the line console.log(JSON.stringify(response, null, 4)); [ { "0": "1", "1": "Allen", "2": "Wyatt", "3": "allen@sharonparq.com", "4": "8013692885", "5": "8016072035", "6": "8013692885", "7": "238 E. 550 N.", "8": "", "9": "Orem", "10": "UT", "11": "84057", "12": "about", "13": "", "14": "Awyatt", "15": "AweEMLr53r/Ds", "16": "1", "uid": "1", "first_name": "Allen", "last_name": "Wyatt", "email": "allen@sharonparq.com", "phone_home": "8013692885", "phone_work": "8016072035", "phone_mobile": "8013692885", "street1": "238 E. 550 N.", "street2": "", "city": "Orem", "state": "UT", "zip_code": "84057", "bio": "about", "picture_file": "", "username": "Awyatt", "pword": "AweEMLr53r/Ds", "super": "1" } ] What I don't understand (and what I cannot find in Modern JavaScript) is how to actually use this data. I know how to do this in PHP; it is a piece of cake. (And, perhaps, that PHP knowledge is mucking up my understanding of how to do it in Javascript.) First, I don't understand why my data shows twice in the JSON object. Second, I don't understand the proper Javascript syntax to access the data. For isntance, if I wanted to put together a string that consisted of the first_name field ("Allen"), a space, and the last_name field ("Wyatt") to result in "Allen Wyatt", what is the proper syntax? Quite confused and stumped. Sorry! -Allen
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