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  1. Hi HartleySan. Thanks for welcoming me! It already feels here like a nice place with great atmosphere.. Just from a 10-second glance at the Codio home page I can tell it seems very interesting and appealing. I just don't know what they mean by "public" vs "private projects" as the use for private projects seems to be with paid membership.
  2. First, I'm in no way affiliated with the software that I'm about to mention. I simply discovered it when I was searching the web for JavaScript-specific IDE's. I just started reading "Modern Javascript" and I'm currently in the chapter that discusses the available text editors and IDEs - free and paid. I know at this point the book is more than 2 years old so I wanted to make the community here aware of a free IDE that's called "Brackets". It's open source and free for download and available for Macs and Windows. I see on their website they are now working on it to make it work on Linux/Un
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