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  1. Not yet, the step 2 didn't work, maybe I still have to search more about terminal commands. I gave a help command on terminal, and confess that I found confusing, but I'll try more on the net. Thanks
  2. I find this on mac forums, defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles 1 && killAll Finder. That works fine. Thanks
  3. Antonio, i tried step one, but the terminal says: defaults[15448:507] Unexpected argument killall; leaving defaults unchanged. Could you help me, again? Thanks
  4. I followed the steps outlined in the book and on www.mysql.com site, but i was unable to find the MySQL folder on my mac, it doesn't have neither the usr folder or local folder. Maybe I should have created them before the installation? How do I uninstall MySQL from my mac? My MySQL is running, but I can't access the MySQL file because I don't know where is it. Maybe I'm not using the terminal correctly? I don't have practice in command line. Thanks Leca
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