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  1. Thanks for your quick response. I'm new to database. I keep reading that we need to write efficient code that it's "costly" to go to the database. So that's where my question came from. So essentially having to parse the xml/json or querying the database would be just about the same?
  2. With Ajax, if I need to get info out of a database, I need to have server side code. So using Ajax, I would point at a php file (for example) with code with a db query in it to run against the database. This doesn't save a trip to the database though it would not require a reload of the page. Does it make sense then to: Create a pre-populated xml or json file from a database that is fairly small and/or not updated that often? JS could then just pull info out of the xml avoiding the trip to the database? This would eliminate the need to go to the database. Sorry if I'm mis-understanding something here. Marie
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