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  1. yes i thought they were selected arbitrarily, in regards to your previous post, yes i am wanting something like that, pls check out the link below, i am wanting something like this, i assume its a prepared query getting executed via javascript? when you hover over a thumbnail image, it shows the color in the larger image for the customer to view, am i right in thinking thats the way its done? http://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/products/long-sleeve-tops many thanks
  2. HI Hartley, No, to put it simply, lets say i have a t-shirt with a lion on it, a t-shirt with a dog on it and another t-shirt with a cat on it, all the t-shirts come in different sizes and colors, but when the customer is browsing the catalog which color do they see? because the intermediary table which helps to retrieve a products details, retrieves the image value from the images table using the image id, but which image id value should these products use ? black? white? red? blue? hope that makes sense. or... do you think it would be best to display the product separately for each available color, then when the user clicks on that item, all they need to select would be the size they require. many thanks
  3. HI People, My database is set out as follows, products, sizes, colors, and images, I then use an intermediary table product_variants to link unique products together via primary and foreign keys, for example SKU PRODUCT_ID COLOR_ID SIZE_ID IMAGE_ID 10113 101 1 3 1 10123 101 2 3 2 on selection of the desired color of a product, i issue a query to retrieve all available sizes for that product with the selected color, however how do i initially display a product to the customers with many variables of a product, which image_id value should i use? i dont just want to select a default color like black or white, because then all my products will show in the catalog as all black or white, i have seen many other retailers do this then use javascript for the user to select another available color for that product on the catalog page which then retrieves the image for that respective unique product, im trying to find the best way to do this, any ideas? thanks in advance.
  4. thanks for your reply hartley, i did try that regex but it didn't work, this is what i done, the rule i created for variable $row['name'] above was this ([A-Za-z%20]+), it didn't work, so the way i have it working now is by creating a str_replace function, $new_string_replacing_spaces_with_hypens = str_replace(' ' '-' $row['name']); and rewriting my mod_rewrite rule to ithis ([A-Za-z-]+) it works but surely it should be easier than to invoke the string replace function ? thanks people.
  5. Hello people, I am attempting to send the $row['name'] value retrieved from my database which contains spaces, however Mod_Rewrite Does Not Replace Spaces In URL To Plus (+) Symbol Nor Hyphen (-), anyone know how to fix this ? here is my url to send to match my url in mod_rewrite: <a href="/html/browse/' . $type . '/' . $subcategory . '/' . $row['name'] . '/' . $row['id'] . '" class="button">view product</a> here is my rule in mod_rewrite : RewriteRule ^browse/(clothing|jewellery|accessories)/([A-Za-z]+)/([A-Za-z]\+\-]+)/([0-9]+)/?$ viewitem.php?type=$1&subcategory=$2&name=$3&id=$4 [L] Thanks in advance.
  6. HI Larry, thanks for replying, its ok i sorted the problem now, the error "Unable to set verify locations" and "failed to create an SSL handle" error were occuring because stripes file "ApiRequestor.php" was referencing the wrong path to their SSL certificate in my directory, a little fix in the path to help find the file sorted it. thanks
  7. Hi all, I am faced with an error from stripe when attempting to process a transaction on the billing_stripe.php page, i believe it has something to do with stripe accepting my SSL certificate which is self signed via openssl, do i have to edit one of the stripe files and give the path to my certificate? i am able to use https through my site pages with my self signed SSL certificate however when i process the order with https still enabled in the url address bar, i receive the following error messages: "Unable to set verify locations" "failed to create an SSL handle" "Failed to enable crypto in" "unable to connect to ssl://api.stripe.com:443 (Unknown error) in" the error is occurring in the function stream_socket_client() despite receiving the error i do receive the token from stripe and can see this also on my stripe dashboard on my account. please advise on how to resolve the issue. thanks in advance!
  8. HI Jay, I decided just to skip it until i reach the point of implementing the stripe payment processing application instead. thanks
  9. Hi Larry, yes it is, i did have a look but it donesn't seem to be very straight forward.
  10. HI all, After attempting to test authorize.net to run some test transactions i couldn't find the necessary file to include, after browsing all files and folders in the downloaded sdk directory i soon found they had changed the files, i have since changed the path to the correct file however im receiving errors, i would appreciate it if someone could check this over to confirm if its still possible to run everything smoothly, i thought it was also important to bring this to larry's attention to make the required changes corresponding to the authorize.net setup in the book for future prints. thanks in advance.
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