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  1. Hi Mr. Larry, I got a new big problem again, http://www.beautybay.com Please help me to check there currency solution at top right quarter, I just can't figure out how could they connect with IP & currency options(I guess they might do this), please help me out which direction I should focus on. Best wishes and many thanks, Kelvin
  2. Hi HartleySan, Many thanks for your kind explanation, as beginner, I better pay much attention to the fundamental techs, That's bad feeling always see the trees but not the forest, best, Kelvin
  3. Hi Mr. Larry, I just begin to learn Flex after preparation of PHP & MySQL, And, I'm kind of confused about usefulness of FLEX, you know, hmtl5 is here, and also got so many third party frames about css and html, Should I pay much attention to flex learning? Does it turn out to be obsolete? Best wishes, Kelvin
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