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  1. Hi Larry, Hope your having a good day today as you read this message. I just want to get some advice from you personally. My problem is I really would like to be a good programmer like you larry. But I think that cannot be accomplished easily. I just wanna know what are your strategies when your just starting out as a developer. How many hours you read a book in PHP js or mysql? and how do you know if its time to move in a diff topic like ex. procedural to object oriented. Coz I think I'm having a bad habit of reading a book like, after I read a single book i'll read another book right away then I tend to forget what i've learned in the previous book. So what i usually do is I will try go back to the previous book just to refresh what i've learned. And i'm not sure if I'm doin the correct way to learn. I'm really amazed on you larry bec you know not only 1 programming language. So I just wanna know your strategies on learning. I'm very sorry for my english by the way, and I know your a super busy person. I will really appreciate your reply Larry. And I hope you understand my point. Thank you so much in advance. Regards, Jan
  2. Thanks for your reply Larry. Happy Holidays to you and your family!
  3. Hi Larry, Im a very big fan of yours Larry, and I really love your books. I've learned PHP from you than my prof in school when i was still studying. I just want to know larry if you have plans in writing a book in zend? Coz im trying to learn another framework since you have mentioned that it's best to learn atleast 2 frameworks. But unfortunately other books are really hard to understand. Or do you think it's best for me to just focus in Yii alone. Thanks Larry! Jan
  4. Hi Larry, I am still reading this wonderful book of yours and I'm learning a lot from it. However I'm having some problems regarding the mod_rewrite. The files are under localhost/ex2/html. I added the RewriteBase /html/ on the .htaccess file and I've changed the HTML references to <a href="/html/shop.php"> but it seems that it's still not working. I have added 2 copies of .htaccess file one under the /ex2/ and the other one is under the /html/ file just to be sure. When I check http://localhost/ex2/html/shop it's not found but when i added .php it works. So im not sure what to do next. mod_rewrite is kinda tricky. Thank you so much in advance Larry! Jan
  5. Hello Larry, No I havent tried contacting them. But still im going to continue reading the Effortless book coz i really would like to finish it. Anyways Im so excited to read the upgrade version of your Yii book! I will order that as soon as it is published. Thanks larry Jan
  6. Hi Larry, I really love reading your books and I learned a lot from them. Right now i'm having problems in logging using the test buyer accounts in the part Testing Accounts Paypal. I was able to create them in sandbox and then i register in the knowledge is power site then click the paypal button shown on the registration page. However when i tried to login using the test accounts it says Please check your email address and password and try again. I'm wonderin what went wrong, coz i followed all the steps. Thanks in advance! Jan
  7. Hi Larry, I have a problem as well regarding the factory pattern. $obj = ShapeFactory::Create($_GET['shape'], $_GET['dimensions']); i got confused how the $obj was able to call the methods of the other class.. $obj->getArea(). Thanks Larry.
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