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  1. Hi Larry, thanks for the reply. I've had a look at the asterisk problem and solved it - it was fairly simple I just entered the wrong variable for LabelEx attribute - it should have been 'roomId' not 'Room No'. Sorry about that. I have completely changed my app now and what am I stuck with is getting validation to work for forms built with formbuilder. I have followed the section in your book, but validation messages won't display. Here is my code if you would be willing to look at it: The form displays, but the validation error messages won't display. -- Fixed this problem now. The b
  2. Hi, I have implemented a tabular input form by using two models - model(Booking) and item(BookingForm- multiple models are kept in an Items array). I pass model and Items to the booking form and loop through the items. Is this the correct way to implement this kindof form? BookingForm is an intermediary table. All the functionality is working on the page, but there is a missing asterisk from next to the first form field. The other fields have their asterisks and I have set the required rules appropriately. I also wondered if anyone could tell me about... CActiveForm::validateTabular()
  3. Please ignore this I am past this stage now
  4. Hi, I have run into another problem. I have begun implementing the master detail form. In the create.php form I have duplicated rows(HTML and fields) which are for user input, but this causes the highlighted fields(that have been chosen in the last form submission) on the webpage to duplicate... if I choose a value in the first row it automatically chooses the same in the second row. I use two models - both of them are passed to the form. <?php /* @var $this BookingController */ /* @var $model Booking */ $this->breadcrumbs=array( 'Bookings'=>array('index'), 'Cre
  5. Solved this now - empty dropdowns.
  6. I've followed Larry's example and trying to apply it to my own application . The dropdown box on my update form is displaying, but there aren't any values in the dropdown.
  7. I have already implemented the relationships in the Booking model. I'm looking to get started with the next step. Such as Handling related models in Yii forms - http://www.larryullman.com/2010/08/10/handling-related-models-in-yii-forms/ but I see that Larry has got different kindof mapped many-to-many relationship in his example.
  8. I have three tables in my database booking, bookingrooms, room and the bookingrooms is the link table resolving many to many. CRUD has created forms for booking and room, but the booking form is too simple and does not include the bookingrooms section that I want in the form. How do I put this area onto the booking form? I presume it's something to do with multiple models and custom forms.
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